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Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 Mobile Crane - Jib Extension 36m

Maker:  NZG
Model No:  7323
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  February 2012

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The Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 Mobile Crane - Jib Extension 36m Video.
Liebherr-branded box.
Instruction sheet.
Some of the parts out of the box.
Three different boom sizes fit inside each other to minimise transport.
Fixed jib without the Y-Guy arrangement in use.
When the kit is added to the luffing jib kit a massive model results.
Luffer extended with the 36m kit.
Intermediate jib support cables work well.
This kit provides a 36m lattice jib extension kit for the Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 base model.  The review kit is in Liebherr yellow.


The kit comes in a Liebherr-styled box containing an expanded polystyrene tray with lid.  The box has a photo of the model parts but it shows extra short pendant bars that are not actually in the kit.  Many of the parts are wrapped in tissue, and there were no defects or missing parts in the review set.

A two page instruction sheet is provided, and it is in German and English.  It includes a photo of the tray with the main parts annotated.  The assembly of the maximum size luffing jib created by the kit is described.

Assembly is straightforward and the resulting model is huge.  As with the base model tiny brass nuts and bolts are used to make connections and plenty of spares are provided.  For more assembly information watch the video review.

No information is provided about the real jib so it misses some information about the different configurations that are possible with the kit.


The parts are high quality and the jib sections are cast perfectly straight.  Some of them have internal bracing at one end of the section.  The brass nuts and bolts are small and discrete so they do not affect the look, although black or silver might have been better.

The pendants are metal and are preassembled to suit the maximum assembly configuration using brass bolts so they are easily taken apart.


The kit is designed to extend the 54m luffing jib and it achieves this objective well.  When fully erected the model is well over 3m tall.

However it has use without the 54m kit as the jib sections can be used as transport loads, or it can be combined with the base model to make combinations of fixed lattice jib.


The standard of manufacture is very good with the parts fitting well. 

The paintwork is very good.  There was a very slight colour variation in the yellow between the kit parts and the lattice mast section of the base model, although it is barely noticeable.


The kit is very good value for the parts supplied.


This is a useful kit to extend the 54m luffing jib, and a second 36m kit could be used to extend it even further to achieve a scale version of the maximum 192m height of the real crane.  It is also useful even without the 54m jib as truck fans will find it a reasonable way to obtain transport loads and it can also be used to extend the base model with a longer fixed jib.  It is highly recommended.


The jib extension first appeared as a prototype at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in February 2011, and became available in October 2011.  The 54m luffing jib kit was produced as model number 7322.  Extension jib kits were also produced in black and Mammoet colours.

The tray.
Good transport load for a Nooteboom trailer.
Using the kit and the base model a fixed jib can be assembled.
Fixed jib looks good.
Great engineering means the model looks real.
Yes, it really is this big.