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Liebherr L 510 Stereo Wheel Loader - Frauenrath

Maker:  NZG
Model No:  743/03
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  September 2012

NZG Index
Earthmoving Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)22
Features   (max 20)16
Quality   (max 25)20
Price   (max 15)11
Overall   (max 100)76%


Liebherr L 510 Stereo Wheel Loader Video.
Liebherr branded box.
Detailed wheels.
Height of lift is good.
Bucket looks good.
Small load for a small trailer.
It just loads a standard tipper.
The Liebherr L 510 Stereo is a 6 tonne wheel loader and the ‘Stereo’ name refers to the unusual combination of centre pivot and rear wheel steering.

This version of the model is in the colours of Frauenrath, a family-run German construction company with a history stretching back 150 years.


The model comes in a Liebherr branded box and inside the model is contained between a pair of polystyrene trays.  There were no missing parts or damage on the review model.

It is fully assembled so no instructions are supplied.


There is no attempt at detail underneath with the front axle support exposed and hollow.  The metal wheels are very good with convincing rubber rough terrain tyres.

The cab has good interior detailing although the steering wheel looks very small, and there are tinted windows and realistic looking window seals.  The hinges on the doors are a little on the large side which is a modelling compromise to allow the doors to open.  Grab rails and mirrors are plastic, although there are no windscreen wipers.

The body is a very good casting with some nice detailing and it is enhanced with small sharp graphics.

The loader mechanism has a busy appearance with many hydraulic hoses and more small graphics adding to the realism.  The rivets used are small and painted so do not detract from the look of the model.

The bucket is a decent casting.


The wheels turn reasonably smoothly.  The combination steering works really well with the rear axle linked to the centre pivot so that the model can turn through a tight circle.

Both cab doors can be opened and they are a very snug fit.  They are best opened by carefully inserting a finger nail under the door handle.

The Z-pattern loader mechanism works quite well although the tipping angle of the bucket is shallow.


The model is relatively heavy for its small size reflecting the high metal content.  It is very good quality model with little plastic used, and the Frauenrath livery is to a high standard.


It is a good value limited edition model.


NZG has produced the L 510 to have the feel of a quality product.  The detail and features add up to a model that is highly recommended.


The updated version (#743) of the model first appeared in Liebherr colours in 2009.  It was first released as model #542.  It has been made in various liveries.  This version first appeared in Summer 2012 together with a version in the colours of Richard Schulz, and was made in a run of 300 models.

Profile view.
Bucket down for shovelling.
Interesting decoration.
View underneath.
Opening cab door.
Small sized loader.
Bucket tipping angle is shallow.