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Nooteboom Pendel X 2-axle Low Loader

Maker:  NZG
Model No:  757
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  December 2009

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)21
Features   (max 20)15
Quality   (max 25)20
Price   (max 15)11
Overall   (max 100)75%


The Nooteboom Pendel-X 2-axle low loader.
Windowed box.
The parts out of the box.
Rear view of the tractor. 
Carrying an old 22RB Shovel as a load.
Controls on the gooseneck.
Wide and long - the model extended to its biggest configuration.
The bed of the review model shows a precamber like the original.
Loading up a Liebherr 564 Wheeled Loader.
The latest generation of low loaders from Nooteboom is the Pendel X series which offer very compact trailer axle assemblies capable of carrying up to 13.9t per axle line.  Various versions are available from 2 to 5 axles.  The two axle version modelled here is type number Euro-58-02P, and is capable of carrying a payload of up to 40t at 80km/h and 57t at a lower speed of 20km/h.  The bed of the trailer is extendible for both width and length to carry construction plant,  boats or large vessels. 


The model comes in a windowed box in a Nooteboom style, with the parts held in place in expanded polystyrene trays with see through formers.  It is protected well in the box, with no defects or missing parts on the review model.

There are no instructions supplied and the model would benefit from having a simple sheet for the benefit of an inexperienced collector.  An information sheet about the real trailer would also improve the collectability of the model and increase its promotional value.  Two wooden pointers are provided which appear to be provided to enable connecting pins in the trailer to be pushed out easily.


The model impresses when getting it out of the box because of its sharp colour scheme and crisp details.

The tractor is a 6x4 Scania R unit and this looks very nice indeed.  Underneath, the chassis details include differentials and prop shafts all in metal, together with fuel tanks and the underside of the engine.  The exhaust pipe is modelled but it does not have a hole in the end of the pipe.  The wheel hubs look really good however with individual wheel nuts on the front hubs.  The rubber tyres have standard treads.

At the front the standard of detail is very good.  The lights have individual lenses and the font grille is impressive.  The door handles are distinct and the steps to the cab have treads.  A number plate, windscreen wipers, mirrors, beacon lights and air horns complete the cab detail.

Behind the cab, the wheel arches and mud flaps are in metal and therefore give the Scania a robust feel.  There are no air lines to connect to a trailer which is a missing detail, however the rear light clusters are very good.

The Nooteboom trailer is of the same high quality as the Scania.  The gooseneck has a couple of spare wheels which reflects an optional extra on the real trailer as it is supplied with one as standard, and it has a nice diamond plated surface.  On one side there is a control console for operating the gooseneck and a pair of plastic width marker signs fix to either side.  Underneath a couple of hydraulic cylinders replicate the mechanism of the original.

The bed itself consists of a structural frame which has casting details on the outside which imitate the chaining down points although they are not useable.  At the front the frame has 'noses' for loading wheeled or tracked plant.  Within the bed a couple of moveable sub frames are provided which have replica hardwood surfaces.  The manufacture of the structural frame on the review model had a slight precamber which looked authentic and is a great detail if intended.  At the rear the axle unit has an excellent textured surface into which posts and width marker signs fit.  Two beacon lights complete the back of the trailer which also has metal mud flaps which bear the Nooteboom name, and a pair of light bars.  The detail of the axle assemblies is excellent with authentic looking suspension components.


The steering on the Scania can be set to a realistic hard lock although the wheels are fouled at the extreme. 

The trailer is fully configurable like the real machine.  It is adjustable for width, and has a telescopic front section.  The model is supplied with two sets of additional beams to lengthen the frame.  One set is already fitted to the model in the box and a second set can be inserted and pinned to make a very long trailer indeed.

The insert beds can fit into the frame in either a longitudinal or transverse way depending on whether the frame is extended for width or not.  They can also be set at two different heights either to make the bed completely level with the frame, or lower to enable the height of a carried load to be maximised.  A third option is to leave out the beds altogether which leaves the frame to act as a vessel carrier.

The bed unhooks from the gooseneck so that realistic loading sequences can be posed.  The rear axles also unpin from the bed. The rear axles have vertical movement which replicates suspension and the axles have linked steering which works very well.


The model is high quality in terms of the manufacture and paintwork and only slightly lacks in the area of detail compared to some recent models.  However it looks very good and the functionality of the model is high.


The model is very good value.


This is a very smart looking truck which has a lot of flexibility in how it can be displayed so it is an excellent model to pair up with another machine as a load.  The detail is at a good level and with a few more additions such as tying down points it could have been at a first class level.  Nonetheless, collectors will be pleased with this offering from NZG.


The model first appeared in 2008 and has been produced in a blue version and as limited editions also.  The lowbed of the trailer has been designed to be interchangeable for maximum flexibility with the 3 and 5 axle versions of the model which are NZG 657 and 658 respectively.

The model inside the box.
Very good looking Scania R tractor.
Diamond plating and fuel tanks.
Rear steering on the trailer.
The bed widened in order to carry a 'vessel'.
The insert beds can be set at two different levels, or removed completely to leave just the frame.
Carrying a long tank.
It looks great with a suitable load.