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Hook Block 320t - Liebherr

Maker:  NZG
Model No:  828
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  August 2012

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NZG Crane Parts Video
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Blister pack.
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Being lifted by a Terex AC 200-1.
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Loaded on a Ballast Carrier.
This accessory is a hook block with 11 pulleys and is rated at 320 tonnes.


The model comes in a simple NZG branded blister pack.  There were no defects on the review part.

There is no information about the real hook.

Detail and Features

The part is all metal with the end plates visible within the casting.  The pulleys are metal and the hook is a good casting.  In addition to the red and white stripes their are Liebherr logos on each end.

The pulleys are free rolling and the hook rotates and can be set to the side so that the block stands correctly.  There are three tying off points at the top of the block.

Quality and Price

It is a high quality metal part which is fair value.


This part poses well with other models and is a good match for a heavy Liebherr crane model.  It is well made and recommended.


This accessory first appeared in the NZG catalogue in 2011. 
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A large hook block.
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Metal parts throughout.
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The hook block adds to the display of other models.