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20ft Container with Door - Eurovia

Maker:  NZG
Model No:  8751/01
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  April 2013

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20ft Container with Door - Eurovia Video
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It makes a good load.
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This accessory is a 20ft container in the colours of Eurovia, a contracting company within the VINCI Group.


The model comes in a windowed NZG branded box. 

There were no defects on the review part.

Detail and Features

The container is metal and heavy.  The structure is modelled well and the graphics are very high quality which is an achievement given the ribbed surface. 

At one end there is an access door and a window.  However the window is blacked out so you cannot see inside. 

The corner points have holes top and bottom so they could interlock with other containers using suitable pins.  However attaching lifting chains is not so easy.

Quality and Price

It is a nicely made item with a heavy, quality feel and the price reflects it.


This container is a good part to pose with other Eurovia models.  Also because of its weight and quality it would make an effective desk paperweight.


This version was produced for the VINCI Shop in a run of 300 models and appeared in March 2013. 
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Door and window.
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Metal throughout.
Paired with a Sogea Satom container.