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Genie SX-180 Self-Propelled Boom

Maker:  NZG
Model No:  922
Scale:  1:32
Review Date:  October 2015

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)15
Features   (max 20)13
Quality   (max 25)19
Price   (max 15)12
Overall   (max 100)66%


Genie SX-180 Self-Propelled Boom Video.  [Youku Video]
Genie branded box.
The cable rack on the side of the boom is not modelled.
Chassis closed for transportation.
Ready to be transported.
Posed at maximum height. But inner sections have short extension.
Rotating boom is metal.
Mesh floor is good.  Simple plastic control console.
Comment on this model.

The Genie SX-180 is a large self-propelled aerial work platform.   It was introduced at the BAUMA exhibition of 2013 as the world's largest machine of its type, with a platform height of 180 feet / 54.9m.  This model of it is 1:32 scale.

Genie is part of Terex.


The model comes in a large Genie branded box and is wrapped in soft paper and is contained in a pair of expanded polystyrene trays. 

There were no missing parts or defects on the review model.

There is no information about the model or the real machine.


Underneath there is no real detail, with a purely functional layout.  The rubber tyres have a realistic tread pattern and they are mounted on plastic wheels which are detailed on the outer faces.

The under frame is metal and there is one small graphic on each side but there are no hydraulic hoses running to the wheel motors.

The body captures the general shape of the real machine and the indented Genie name looks good. However the body is plain and there are no panel handles or warning graphics.

The lower boom section is metal with very sharp graphics and the boom ram has a plastic jacket.  The inner three sections are plastic with a very good colour match, and graphics on one section.  However the cable rack on the side of the boom is not modelled at all.

The rotating boom is metal with detail in the casting. At the end the basket is metal with metal handrails and a nice mesh floor.  A simple control console is modelled in plastic.


The chassis can be posed in transport or operating mode. The beams at each end of the carrier are interlocked so they open and close together.

Each wheel has independent steering so all modes of the real machine can be replicated.  The wheels roll well.

Rotation is smooth.

The boom ram is reasonably stiff and holds most poses, even at full boom extension.  The telescopic boom sections extend smoothly enough and lock when extended with spring clips.  However there is a major compromise in that the inner sections have limited extension so the model cannot replicate the full height of the real machine.  At maximum extension the scale height to the basket floor is 112 feet compared to the 180 feet of the real machine.

The rotating boom has a full range of movement, and the basket pivots fully.


This is a heavy model even though the inner boom sections are plastic.  It is robust.

The graphics and paintwork are very good.


It is good value given its large size when obtained from Genie Merchandise.


This is a model of contrasts.  The large scale of 1:32 facilitates a robust strong model, but the level of detail is low.  The major modelling compromise on the length of the inner boom sections is disappointing because the main feature of the real machine is the extreme height of lift and it seems odd that the model does not replicate it realistically.


The model was announced in August 2015.

Profile view.
Chassis spread for stability.
Each wheel steers independently.
Smooth body shape but little detailing.
Genie name is nicely formed within the casting.
Inner boom sections are plastic but the colour match is very good.