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Komatsu PC4000 Backhoe

Maker:  NZG
Model No:  9331
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  January 2020

NZG Index
Mining Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 7
Detail   (max 30) 26
Features   (max 20) 17
Quality   (max 25) 22
Price   (max 15) 10
Overall   (max 100) 82%


Komatsu PC4000 Backhoe Video [Youku video]
The large Komatsu branded box.
Large counterweight.
Nice hydraulics detailing.
Detailed cab.
Large grilles are plastic but with an excellent colour match.
Impressive stick.
Complex hydraulics.
Access stair lowered.
Excellent depth of dig.
At work.

The Komatsu PC4000 Backhoe is used in mining and quarrying operations and has a bucket capacity of up to 22m.  It has an operating weight of around 400 tonnes.


The model comes in a large Komatsu branded box containing two trays. 

There were no missing parts or defects on the review model.

There is some information about the real machine on the box side.  An instruction sheet explains how to remove the model correctly from the secure packaging.


The metal track pads have got a detailed pattern cast in and they are mounted on heavy track frames which have working rollers on the top and bottom of the frames.  The undercarriage plate is simple.  Large detailed drive motors are modelled with hydraulic hoses running to them.

The cab has mirrors and a thin windscreen wiper, and there are slats on the side window.  Many work lights are positioned around the cab.  Inside the cab the controls and driving seat are modelled including pedals on the cab floor. 

Outside the cab there are metal handrails and there is an excellent mesh walkway.  An emergency egress ladder is positioned outside complete with a latch painted red.  The walkway extends to the rear with textured steps down to an access stair.

The metal body has large detailed grilles which are plastic but with an excellent colour match so they blend perfectly.  Sharp Komatsu graphics enhance the model. 

On top of the body the detailing is excellent, with fire suppression and other equipment at the rear, and again plastic parts have an excellent colour match.  At the boom foot there is complex and detailed hydraulics equipment.

The boom and stick are of heavy construction.  There are hydraulic pipes on the top surface of the boom and soft hydraulic lines connect to the body and the rams.  The hydraulic ram jackets are plastic with pipework details.   The overall look of the boom and stick is excellent.

The large backhoe bucket is metal with very nice wear plates and teeth detailed.


The tracks roll well when moved by hand, and will roll on a rough surface.  They are tensioned with spring-loaded idlers.

The model rotates smoothly after some initial stickiness.

The movement of the boom, stick and bucket is very good.   Some of the rams are very stiff so care is needed to make movements without inadvertently holding and damaging delicate parts. 

The access ladder can be folded down, and can be parked in the 'up' position.

Two emergency egress ladders exist, one on each side, and they can be lowered, and latches can be used to hold them in the 'up' position.  The latches engage small pins which are difficult to access and could be easy to lose.


This is a heavy high quality model with plastic used appropriately to provide detail. 

The paintwork is very good and the colour match of plastic parts is excellent.  The graphics are very sharp and precise.


This is a large model with a high metal content.  It is fully priced.


NZG has made a really nice job of the PC4000, and it looks great posed on its own, or with a suitable mining truck.


The model first announced at the Bauma Exhibition in 2019 and became available at the end of that year.  It was also released as a face shovel, NZG model number 933.

At rest.
Profile view.
Heavy track frames with working rollers.
Metal handrails and mesh walkways.
Excellent equipment detailing.
Large drive motors.
Emergency egress ladder.
Emergency egress ladder, cab side.
Poses well with a mining truck.