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European Container Trailer + Container - Auburn

Maker:  NZG
Model No:  979/70
Scale:  1:18
Review Date:  September 2021

NZG Index
Commercial Truck Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 7
Detail   (max 30) 27
Features   (max 20) 18
Quality   (max 25) 22
Price   (max 15) 11
Overall   (max 100) 85%


European Container Trailer + Container - Auburn video. 
NZG branded box for the trailer.
The trailer.
High detail around the axles.
Landing legs and winding handle.
Dummy number plate at the back.
Detailed wheels.
Opening storage box.
Looks impressive.
Realistic appearance.

This model is a European Container Trailer with a Shipping Container finished in auburn colour.

It is in the large scale of 1:18.


The model comes in two separate boxes.  Both are NZG branded with the container's box also printed to represent a shipping container.  Inside the models are contained within large expanded polystyrene trays.

The review model had no missing parts or defects.  

No instructions are included and there is minimal assembly.  A tool is provided to operate the included tractor fifth wheel.


This is a very large and in 1/18 scale, with a high metal content.

The container trailer has a detailed structure, and hoses run throughout its length with pleasing valve details added, even in hard to see places.  A particularly nice detail is the container locks, which are fully modelled.  The landing legs are metal with pivoting pads, and there is a winding handle.

The detailing of the axles is excellent,  with hoses and tanks and finely engineered suspension. The wheels are very detailed and the single tyres look good too, although there is no tyre branding in the sidewalls.  The inside of the wheels have drums modelled.   The wheel arches are metal.

At the front, the connection points for coiled lines have detailed caps. The side under-run bumpers are metal and the lights and graphics at the rear are sharp, with a dummy NZG number plate.  A storage box is modelled on one side.

A fifth wheel is included with the trailer to enable connection to a tractor.

The container is huge and heavy. The ribbed sides and roof are excellent, and there are graphics at the front.  The locking points at the corners are properly modelled.

The container doors are beautifully modelled with rubber seals and locking bolts.  Detailed graphics complete the authentic appearance.


The trailer wheels roll freely, and the linked suspension on the axles is excellent.

The landing legs are telescopic with a locking clip mechanism.  The winding handle can be rotated.

The storage box opens, and tiny magnets are used to ensure it stays closed properly.

The container locks on the trailer work like the real thing.

The included fifth wheel has a working king pin latch.

The container has opening doors.  The locking bolts are beautifully engineered and work like those on a real container.

The container can be mounted on the trailer, or left off.  The trailer hooks up to NZG tractor models with all wheels properly grounded.


This is a high quality model with a high metal content.

The paintwork and graphics are excellent.


It is good value taking account of the large size and metal content.


NZG has taken full advantage of the opportunity afforded by the large 1:18 scale to produce an excellent trailer and container.  It is a great combination of detail and functionality, and looks great hooked up to a suitable tractor.


The trailer was also produced as an international version with different wheels and tyres, and other detail changes.

The full model.
Container box.
Underneath view
Container locks.
Hooked up to a Scania.
Excellent container doors.
Opening container doors.
On the road.
Compared to a 1:50 scale model.