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Liebherr LRB 18 Piling and Drilling Rig

Maker:  NZG
Model No:  990
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  September 2019

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Foundation Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 6
Detail   (max 30) 26
Features   (max 20) 15
Quality   (max 25) 22
Price   (max 15) 11
Overall   (max 100) 80%


Liebherr LRB 18 Piling and Drilling Rig Video.  [Youku video]
Liebherr branded box.
Panel details are highlighted.  Metal handrails.
Textured grilles on the side.
Detailed tracks.
Excellent details on top.
LV 20 vibrator is permanently fixed to the sledge.
In transport mode.
Poses well with the included sheet piles.

The Liebherr LRB 18 is a piling and drilling rig.  It can be configured to handle different types of piles and techniques.  The model is equipped with an LV 20 slim vibrator.

It has an operating weight of around 51 tonnes.


The model comes in a Liebherr branded box.  Inside the model is wrapped in soft paper and rests in a polystyrene tray with the plastic base for the model held in the top tray. 

There were no missing parts or defects on the review model.

There is some intricate assembly to do to fit rope and hose details.  These would have been much better done in the factory.  An instruction sheet describes most of the assembly and features.


There is no particular detail underneath the model.  The tracks are metal and are made up of  delicate links with bolt head detailing.  The track frames have good detail and include pinned rollers which did not rotate on the review model.  The drive sprockets are also good containing the name 'Liebherr'. 

Detailing on the body includes an operator's cab with a textured access platform and a windscreen wiper. The roof has a metal cab guard and there are lights.  Inside the cab, detail is also good with shaped joysticks and pedals visible.  Moving behind the cab the body panels are finely detailed with door handles and grilles. 

At the rear of the body the Liebherr name is formed by sharp graphics on the counterweight. 

At roof level the detailing is excellent. There is a very good exhaust system and nice textured surfaces.  The fan structure is visible on the inside, and the hydraulics have tiny highlighted coloured details.  Metal handrails surround the body.

The leader and support structures are modelled well.  Nearly all the components are metal.   The leader has detailing in the casting and the hydraulics are complex. The hoses look good other than they are too stiff to hang naturally.  The pulleys in the leader top appear to be metal and the auxiliary hoist is finely detailed.

The vibrator is a slim design LV 20.  It has nice hydraulics and the pile clamps are good too.  However, it is modelled as one piece together with the sledge and this reduces the flexibility of the model. 

A plastic base comes with the model.  It has grooves for inserting the model metal sheet piles so an effective display can be produced. 


The tracks work well although are a little stiff.  They are mounted on extendible frames so the tracks can be pulled out in operating mode and can be pushed in to narrow the width for transport purposes.

The model rotates but was jerky on the review model.

At the top of the leader is a working auxiliary winch which has a small hook attached. It can be telescoped out by removing a pin, and also rotated.

The mechanisms for raising and lowering the leader work well and any pose can be held.  The leader can be locked at a vertical height by tightening a screw.  The leader can also be rotated so the machine can get to the correct angle to the piles being driven.

The vibrator is mounted on the universal slide and it can be positioned up and down and locked at a height with a screw. 

The model can be displayed in working or transport configuration.  However, for transport the cab platform and metal handrails on the roof cannot be removed or lowered.  It is a pity that the vibrator cannot be detached for transport, or for other piling and drilling tools to be fitted.


This is a high quality model with a very good finish. 

The metal content is high and the paint and graphics are also very good.


The model is reasonable value.


It is good to see another foundation engineering model from Liebherr.  It is nicely implemented by NZG although there is a surprising amount of adding of detail to do out of the box, and the flexibility of the model could have been better.


The model appeared at the Bauma Exhibition April 2019.

Profile view.
Parts and instruction sheet.
Complex geometry to support the leader.
Detail underneath.
Smart cab.
Nice leader detailing.
Impressive load for a truck.
On the road.