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Zoomlion ZCC9800W Crawler Crane

Maker:  Keng Fai
Model No:  0010
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  August 2021

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Crawler Crane Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 8
Detail   (max 30) 22
Features   (max 20) 14
Quality   (max 25) 19
Price   (max 15) 10
Overall   (max 100) 73%


Zoomlion ZCC9800W Crawler Crane video. [Youku Channel]
Zoomlion box.
The lower tray.
Impressive sections.
Detailed plastic engine.
Cab is detailed.
Geometry is good.
Fully rigged, but large hook block left off.
Nice looking overall.
Rigged with the main boom only.

The Zoomlion ZCC9800W Crawler Crane can lift a maximum of 800 tonnes and is a machine particularly aimed at the wind turbine market.

It was introduced in 2019.


The packaging consists of a large Zoomlion-branded box which wraps two expanded polystyrene trays.  There are many parts and they are mostly wrapped in soft paper.

There were no missing parts on the review model. One name board on a boom section was loose as the securing screw had come out during shipping.

There is no information provided about the real crane, but an assembly instruction brochure for the model is included.  It starts with an annotated diagram of the complete crane and the parts in the trays are numbered.  There are many photos to describe the assembly, but they are not all in a logical order and there are some errors, so a beginner may have some problems. 

Only one configuration of the model is described.

Assembly is straightforward, although the included tools are not the best quality.  The reeving takes time and patience.


The metal track pads have detailing and they are mounted on frames which have detail in the casting.  There are no rollers detailed at all on the bottom of the frames.  Plastic access stairs are provided although the instructions do not say where to fit them.  They appear to rest against the track frames but they do not clip on.

Between the tracks self-raising jacks are modelled but they are non-functional.   There are also counterweight trays which are permanently fixed.

The operator's cab is very detailed with a good interior.  Externally the cab has lights, a mirror and windscreen wiper, and metal access platforms surround it.

The body sits on a large gold coloured toothed slewing ring which looks slightly odd but maybe it reflects the real crane.  The body is modelled well, and there are holes to allow the winch drums to be operated which are reasonably discreet. A metal cover fits over a detailed plastic engine, and there are loose fitting handrails on a metal walkway platform.  The rear counterweight trays are permanently fixed.

The counterweight blocks are very nicely made with very good graphics including the Zoomlion name and weight. However, not enough blocks are supplied with the model to provide a realistic heavy lifting configuration. 

The A-frame has metal pulleys with a non-functioning plastic erection cylinder included. 

The boom and jib sections are relatively heavy and good quality with mesh walkways secured by tiny screws.  They do not have any internal bracing.  The sections are joined by tiny brass nuts and bolts which provide a decent connection. 

Metal pulleys are used throughout the model and the rope retainers are well engineered. 

The luffing jib struts are very good, and all of the boom and jib guys are metal with riveted connections.  They are well made to very good tolerances. 

The back mast has twin rams with metal jackets for tensioning up the guys and lifting the suspended ballast tray.  The tray is a nice metal part.

Two hooks are provided.  One is a single line hook which is metal and seems extremely large and heavy.  The second is a large heavy lift double block hook which is metal.   However, the blocks cannot be split which is a problem as it cannot be hung to look realistic from either the main boom or the luffing jib. This effectively means that a collector will need to source separate after-market hooks to rig the model realistically.


The design of the model means that the tracks and body cannot be split down to make realistic transport loads, although the boom and jib sections can be posed on trucks.

The tracks can be rolled by hand.  The self erection jacks rotate out but cannot be lowered.

The operator's cab tilts to a good angle but the friction connection cannot hold the pose, and it rotates in to a transport position.

There are three winches on the crane body.  One controls the A-frame and the other two are used for lifting.  They are controlled by using a winding handle and they rely on friction only as a brake.  Additional winches are located on the boom foot and derrick, but they have to be operated by using fingers as the winding handle cannot be used on them. 

The counterweight is configurable at different weights but there are not enough supplied overall.  The ballast tray height is adjustable by undoing large locking screws on the back mast rams.

The model is designed to be built and displayed in its maximum configuration although it is easy to display it without the luffing jib.  Other configurations are rendered more difficult by the riveted full length guy rods.


This is a good quality model which looks attractive.  The engineering is good with most functions working reasonably well.

The paint quality is excellent and the graphics are very good.


It is moderately priced for a large model.


It is good to see a large Zoomlion crawler crane modelled.  It is robustly made with some nice details, but there is the feeling that the model maker has not fully understood the real crane leading to some strange modelling decisions such as the supplied hooks.  It is also a pity that a few simple options were not taken to make the model more flexible and realistic in terms of configurability, but maybe this reflects Zoomlion's requirements for the model.


The model first appeared in July 2021 and was distributed by NZG on behalf of Keng Fai.

The upper tray.
Boom foot as a load.
Tilting cab has to be propped.
The crane with back mast installed.
Large hook block is not modular.
Ballast tray, but not enough blocks to load it.
Metal riveted guy lines.
Main structure looks good.