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Volvo EC160E Hydraulic Excavator (Radio Control)

Maker:  Double E Hobby
Model No:  E010-003
Scale:  1:14
Review Date:  September 2021

Remote Controlled Models Index
Earthworks Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 8
Detail   (max 30) 22
Features   (max 20) 17
Quality   (max 25) 22
Price   (max 15) 10
Overall   (max 100) 79%


Volvo EC160E Hydraulic Excavator (Radio Control) Video 
Large carry case.
The radio control parts.
Opening cab door.
Nice detail on top.
Bucket has small Volvo badges.
Opening panels.
Parked up.
Opening engine cover.
Depth of dig is less than the real machine achieves.
Massive size compared to a 1:50 excavator.

The Volvo EC160E is an excavator in the 20 tonne class.  

The model is very large being around 30cm high in a parked position, 60cm long end to end, and weighs around 10kg. It is a metal model in 1:14 scale.


The model comes in a large carry case which gives a professional feel.  It is a good design because of the heavy weight of the model.

There were no defects or missing parts on the review model. 

A set of Operating Instructions are included and it is printed in English and Chinese.  It covers the set up of the model and the remote control.  There is also some information concerning the motors and mechanisms which will be useful for any owner wanting to carry out maintenance.

The instructions refer to a smartphone being used as an instrument display, and also to sound controls, but neither are implemented on this version of the model.


The metal crawler tracks are cast well and individually pinned. The track frames are large castings with good detail and working rollers.  The drive sprockets are detailed too.

The body of the model is huge in 1:14 scale. 

The cab has lights on top and a large windscreen wiper. There is another light with protection grille at the bottom and a large orange metal grab rail which lacks a mirror. The door has shaped handles and although hinges are visible, they are small.  The cab is detailed inside in plastic, with controls including foot pedals. 

Behind the cab the panel doors are nicely detailed with handles.  There are sharp graphics, and small hinges.  The counterweight has an embossed Volvo name, warning graphics, properly formed lifting eyes and a rear light housing, but not the video camera. 

On top there are nicely textured surfaces, an air intake and exhaust, and other cast-in details.

The hydraulic rams have metal jackets, and hydraulic hoses run to the stick.  The connection rivets are reasonably discrete.

The large bucket is a very nice casting.  The teeth are individually screwed in. There is no lifting hook.


The main operating switch is located behind one of the opening panels.  There are three opening side panels, and another one above the engine also opens.  Small magnets are used to keep the opening doors in the closed position and these work very well.

The counterweight is removable.

The cab door opens to a full angle.

The tracks have powerful motors and they drive the model well, and steering is possible.  They also have some variability in speed but would benefit from a very slow speed.    There is easily enough power in the motors to achieve a gradeability angle to match the real machine of 35 degrees.

There are working LED lights on the front and rear of the top of the cab.   They can be adjusted for brightness, or switched off. 

TThe rotation is very smooth with some variable speed and it can rotate continuously in either direction. 

The boom, stick and bucket hydraulic rams work by means of motors driving screwed rods inside the pistons. These work and are powerful, although the range of extension of the rams is somewhat less than the real machine achieves.


The model has a very high metal content and is very robust.  The paint and graphics are very good.

The visual appearance of the model is not affected by the remote control electronics or mechanics.  The controller is very good quality.


Given the size of the model and that it is fully radio controlled, it is fairly priced.


This model looks great as a stand alone model, and is impressive because of its size.  The radio control is implemented well and it is a fun model to operate with plenty of power.


Inside the case.
Looks realistic.
Warning graphics on the counterweight.
All metal parts.
Hoses run to the hydraulic rams.
Robust boom and stick construction.
Removable counterweight.
Opening panel.
Boom height is good, the stick less so.