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Hitachi ZAXIS 210 Excavator 

Maker:  Replicars
Model No:  n/a
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  May 2012

Replicars Index
Earthmoving Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)27
Features   (max 20)18
Quality   (max 25)21
Price   (max 15)10
Overall   (max 100)84%


The Hitachi ZAXIS 210 Excavator Video.
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Hitachi branded box.
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Warning graphics on the counterweight.
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Some detail on the underside of the body.
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Tiny yellow graphic just below the steps.
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Bucket has a bolted connection.
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Excellent hydraulics at the boom foot.
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Opened cover and panel removed to show the detailed engine.
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Opening door to the detailed cab.
Loading a MAN TGS Tipper.
The Hitachi ZAXIS 210 is an excavator with an operating weight of 22 tonnes and has a bucket capacity of between 0.5 and 1.2m³. 

The model box lists the machine as a 5 series, although at the time of the review Hitachi are not listing a 5 series version of the 210.


The box consists of a combination of a shaped clear plastic former and expanded polystyrene tray held within an outer cardboard box. 

There are a couple of graphics on the box showing the dimensions and digging characteristics of the real machine. 

Two mirrors are supplied separately in the box and these clip on to the grab rails on the body and cab.


The metal tracks have detailed pads with individual bolt details and they are mounted on good track frames which include some small graphics but the rollers are solid and non-functioning.  Unusually the underside of the undercarriage has a plastic plate fixed on.

The cab is really good.  The window frames are finely detailed and the grab rails are thin, and the hinges on the cab door are exceptionally small.  Inside the detailing is excellent with a sculpted floor and a full set of controls.  The computer console is particularly good even though it is barely visible.  The Hitachi name is printed onto the seat.

The body casting is to a good standard with various grille and panel details.  At the rear the counterweight has warning signs and all the graphics are applied very well.  The top of the body has small bolt heads within the casting and textured walking surfaces.  The engine covers stand a little high and the exhaust pipe does not have a hole, but underneath the engine detail is very good.

The hydraulics at the boom foot are very realistic with silver connectors on the hoses and pipes, and a detailed hydraulic pump.  The boom has separate pipes and the cylinder jackets have a good colour match with the metal parts.  A particularly nice detail is the hose connections between the boom and stick which are wrapped by tiny springs to represent reinforced hoses.

The metal bucket is a good casting.


The tracks roll well and are tensioned with spring loader idlers.

The body rotates smoothly and the boom, stick and bucket have a good range of movement and can be posed in any position.

The bucket is bolted on the stick and can be removed, although the bolts are painted and care would be needed not to scratch the paint off.

The cab door can be opened to a wide angle.

One half of the engine cover is hinged and can be opened up.  The other half can be lifted off.


This is a high quality detailed model which is mainly metal and well made.  The paintwork and graphics are to a high standard.


By comparison it is priced on the high side for the size of the model, but this is offset by the high quality.


Although Replicars are not well known for construction models, the ZX210 certainly sets a high standard.  The details and features are very good and it is an outstanding small excavator model.


The model first appeared in April 2012. 

Profile view.
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Authentic looking Hitachi.
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Detailed tracks and frames.
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Nice grilles in the body.
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Excellent hydraulic pipes, hoses and connections.
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Mirrors fixed to the grab rails.  The left hand one is often positioned lower on the real machine.
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Opening cover.
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Painted controls and Hitachi name on the seat.
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Good range of movement on the boom and stick.
At work.