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Digger Simulator

Publisher:  Excalibur Publishing
Published: 2009

PC Game, Minimum System Requirements
- Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista
- Processor Pentium III 1.2GHz
- 512mb RAM
- Graphics Card: GeForce4 Ti4200, Radeon 9200
- DirectX 9.0 

Review Date:  July 2010

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The disc box.
Inside the gravel pit.
The giant bucket wheel excavator is rendered well.
The bucket wheel turns.
This software package is one of a series of simulators covering a variety of machine types that are published by Excalibur Publishing.  Installation of the software is straightforward, and an instruction book covers the use of the software. 

Digger Simulator contains three types of game play; Gravel Pit Mining, Open Pit Mining, and Missions.

Both Gravel and Open Pit Mining are free play modes.  In Gravel Pit Mining your objective is to move sand around a worksite.  You are given a choice of four machines to do this: a bulldozer, a track-type loader, a dumper and an excavator.  Each machine can have its main functions operated, and it is possible to vary gearbox and hydraulic speeds so there is a degree of skill required to operate the machines fluently.  You can freely switch between these machines throughout the process.  The Open Pit Mining scenario lets you drive an enormous 240-metre long bucket wheel excavator.  The game accurately takes into account the dangers when operating this machine and makes point deductions for such problems as the bucket-wheel becoming stuck.  Although there are no further levels in the free play modes, they provide some interest although the simulator is quite strict in forcing you to do the right thing, so for example you cannot use one machine to smash up another, or venture off cross country.

There are five missions to complete using the machines.  Each mission has a time limit set which is usually around 6 minutes and they can be played in any order.  Depending on how well you carry out your duty, points and medals are given as rewards.  Some of these missions are quite challenging and some less so.

Three views can be used during game play; from inside the cab, a view of the near surroundings and a bigger overall view.  The graphics for the digger simulator are reasonable, although not to the most realistic standards, and the sound effects are adequate if not exciting  There is the added option of using a joystick rather than a keyboard and this improves the experience.

Digger Simulator provides some interest for anyone interested in driving these machines.  The range of activities is limited, and the quality of the simulation is reasonable.  It provides a little fun on a dark evening, and it is possible to imagine that a future enhanced simulator could provide even more interest.

To see a video of the simulator click here.

View from the cab of the dozer.
Obviously the operators have got somewhat confused about their role in life.
Tipping a load.