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Sany STC800T6 Truck Crane

Maker:  Sunraise
Model No: 
Scale:  1:36
Review Date:  October 2019

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 8
Detail   (max 30) 24
Features   (max 20) 17
Quality   (max 25) 20
Price   (max 15) 11
Overall   (max 100) 80%


Sany STC800T6 Truck Crane - Video  [Youku Video]
Sany branded box.
On the road.
Detailed chassis.
Black wheels look smart.
Excellent steering angle.
Details behind the cab.
Ready for work.
Nice boom profile.
Scale comparison with a 1:50 scale concrete pump.
Single line hook on the main boom extension.

The Sany STC800TS is a four axle truck crane.

This model is aimed at the Chinese market and is in the unusual scale of 1:36.


The model comes in a high quality Sany branded box and is held on a plastic tray and covered with soft paper. 

The review model had no missing parts or defects. 

There is no information about the real machine.  An instruction leaflet is included which is in in Chinese with good photos.


The truck chassis is very good.  The transmission is fully modelled and the suspension elements look realistic too, including leaf springs at the front.  Most of the parts appear to be plastic. The wheels have very detailed hubs and treaded road tyres. A central stabiliser is also modelled at the front.

The truck cab looks very good with an aerial on the roof, and a nice Sany name badge at the front.  The doors have nice windows and handles, and there is a metal bumper at the front.  The lights have lenses.

The truck deck is covered in diamond plating and there are small grab handles in various places.  Behind the cab there is some very nice detailing with many different components. There is also a holder for the single line hook.  The landing point for the counterweight is modelled well.   The rear lights have plastic lenses and there is a spare wheel.

The two-stage outrigger beams are metal with chevron graphics.  The pads are metal and the pistons are visible screw threads.

The crane cab has  very good interior detailing and a two tone seat.   The windows have wipers and there is a large plastic protection grille.  There is a warning light at the front.

The crane body has an access platform with plastic handrails, and the winch motors are nicely detailed.  There is a mirror and beacon lights. The five slab counterweight is modelled as a solid block.

The six stage telescopic boom is metal with a realistic profile.  The ram has a metal jacket.  At the boom head the main block of pulleys is a solid brass block rather than separate sheaves, although single sheaves are used elsewhere and it would have been better if these had been used everywhere.  A small extension head is modlled.

The double folding extension jib is metal, and it is a heavy part.  It rests on the boom sides and is held in place securely without the need for pins.   It can be connected to the main boom, although it was not perfectly aligned with the boom on the review model.

Two hooks are provided.  They are both metal and one is a single line hook, and the other has a solid brass pulley block.


The steering of the front two axles are linked and the range of movement is excellent.   The rear axles float as a pair.

The truck cab features opening doors which work well.

The outrigger beams extend, and the pads can be lowered and will just about support the crane.  The central stabiliser at the front can also be lowered.

The crane cab tilts to enable the operator to work more comfortably when lifting at height, and the cab door can be opened. 

At the rear the counterweight is not detachable.

The crane rotates very smoothly.

The telescopic boom sections extend smoothly and they lock into place when extended.  The boom angle can be locked with a grub screw acting on the ram piston.

The crane functions work well with one winch operated by a supplied key. It relies on simple friction as a brake.  The second winch is a non-functioning dummy which is a pity.

The fly jib can be pinned and used at full or half length.


This is a high quality model with limited use of plastic.

The paint and graphics are excellent.


It is understood to be reasonably priced.


It is very unusual to see a mobile crane model in this larger scale, and the result is heavy and impressive.  It looks great on display.


The box has a sticker suggesting the model was produced for the Bauma China Exhibition in 2018.
Looks real.
Convincing model.
Opening truck cab door.
Nice detailing.
Counterweight is a solid block.
Front stabiliser.
Opening cab door.
Tilting cab.
Fly jib added.