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Shaanxi X3000 Tipper Truck

Maker:  Sunraise
Model No:  -
Scale:  1:24
Review Date:  September 2018

Sunraise Index
Haulage Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 7
Detail   (max 30) 26
Features   (max 20) 18
Quality   (max 25) 20
Price   (max 15) 12
Overall   (max 100) 83%


Shaanxi X3000 Tipper Truck Video.  [Youku Video]
Shaanxi branded box with carry handle.
Smart graphics at the rear.
Opening door.
Opening front grille.
Opening panel gives access to the fuel tank.
On the road.
Decent tipping angle.
Detail inside the cab.

The Shaanxi X3000 is a tipper truck produced by the Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Company of China.

The model is in the large scale of 1:24.


The model comes in a Shaanxi branded box with a carry handle and inside it, the model is contained within expanded polystyrene trays.  The box is printed in Chinese.

The review model had no missing parts.  One small light was detached out of the box which was easily reglued.

A pointer is included with the model. 


The truck chassis is detailed underneath, with many parts modelled in plastic.  The engine sump and gearbox are detailed, and the exhaust and fuel tank look good.  The suspension and transmission components are in plastic.  The wheels are nicely detailed, particularly the rear ones, and the tyres are the same on all axles.

On the roof there is a dot matrix sign and beacon lights.  The cab has a Shaanxi badge on the nicely detailed grille and the headlights are convincing.  The interior detail is fine, with a detailed console and steering wheel.   There is no number plate as this is a generic model.

Behind the cab there is a tank for the hydraulic fluid.

Between the wheels are metal fairings with panels detailed.  The rear wheel arch is plastic, and at the back the lights have plastic lenses, and there is a decorated bumper bar.

The tipper body is metal and it has an excellent paint finish with very sharp graphics.  Inside, it has a U shape  and there are marketing graphics printed.  The tailgate has locking clips at the bottom and nice decoration.

The tipper has an easy-slide cover.  The material is a little thick so needs some manipulation to look right.


The front axle has a moderate shallow steering angle, and there is also a linkage through into the steering wheel in the cab which turns a little.  

The rear axles have soft sprung suspension.  They are also connected to drive shafts which rotate impressively when the wheels are turned.

The cab doors open and close well.

The cab tilts and can be posed tilted.

The front grille opens up to provide access to the radiator and it can be posed open.

There are opening panels in the side fairings.  One opposite the driver's side gives access to the fuel tank, and there are two panels on the driver's side.

The tipper has a two-stage ram with the second stage being very stiff.  The tipper angle is reasonable but may be a little less than real trucks typically achieve.  The tailgate is free-swinging, and has working clip locks on the bottom.  Underneath the tipper body is a safety gate which can be raised up to prevent the tipper body lowering.

The easy slide cover can be slid back, but not fully as the material is stiff.  It cannot be removed as the first connection at the front is riveted.


It has a high metal content with plastic mainly used underneath.  The feel of the model is satisfying.

The paintwork and graphics are excellent.


It represents good value at the level of pricing anticipated, although the model has been made exclusively for Shaanxi.


Sunraise have mad an impressive truck model with a high level of functionality.  It also looks great in the green colour scheme.


The model was manufactured in June 2018.

Very attractive colour scheme.
Profile view.
Detailed chassis with working drive shafts.
Opening side panels.
Tilting cab.
Detailed chassis.
Cover rolled back.
Poses well.