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Straps and Hooks Accessory Pack

Maker:  Sword
Model No:  P001
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  September 2008

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The various parts in the Straps and Hooks pack.
Two strap reels.
Reel fixed to an East Flat Trailer.
This accessory set provides a set of twelve straps and other parts primarily for use in tying down loads on haulage models.  They are included as standard with certain models in the Sword range.


The straps are provided in a clear plastic bag.

Detail and Features

The straps are provided in three different lengths unrolled from their holders.  A further eight rolled up straps come in the pack.  Also included are eight extension blocks which allow flexibility in attaching the reels and hooks.

The straps are made of rubber and the reels have tiny metal working parts.  They are effective at strapping loads and add pleasing detail to a model display.  The hooks and reels can be fitted to any truck or trailer with a reasonably thin edge.

Quality and Price

These are small intricate parts which are well made and reasonably priced.


This accessory is a particularly recommended accessory to collectors of haulage models where strapping down a load adds authentic looking detail to a pose.


This kit is included with Sword Models 2018, 2027 and 2033

Fixing a strap when the load overhangs the trailer.
Hook fitting on to the opposite side of the trailer from the reel.