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Chains and Hooks Accessory Pack

Maker:  Sword
Model No:  P002
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  July 2008

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Three different lengths of chains with hooks are included in the pack.
The chains are packed on a cardboard former which can provide hours of fun trying to get the chains off.
Chains used to secure a Liebherr Telehandler to the Nelson Ramp Trailer.
This accessory set provides a set of twelve chains for various modelling uses.  They are included as standard with certain Sword models.


The chains are provided on slotted cardboard former which generally prevents them getting tangled with each other although it can be frustrating to get them off if you are in a hurry to sling a load.

Detail and Features

Twelve chains are provided in three different lengths.  They are black chains rather than shiny silver so they look quite authentic in modelling applications.  Fairly large hooks are provided at each end but this does have the advantage that they can be used for a wider range of uses than small hooks.  In particular they can be made to fit a variety of trucks even if specific hooking on points are not available.

Quality and Price

The chains are good quality and the price reflects the bespoke nature of the product.


This accessory can be used to enhance the poses of a number of models.  Crane models look better with a set of chains, and loads secured with chains look more realistic.  A recommended accessory for collectors.


This kit is included with Sword Models 2018, 2027 and 2033.

Chains used for 'pipe' laying by a JCB JS220.
Here they are used by the Spierings SK599 for lifting, and to secure loads to the Talbert trailer.
They can secure the Liebherr LTR1100 to the Goldhofer low loader.