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Oshkosh HET M1070 with M1000 Trailer - camouflage

Maker:  Sword
Model No:  1500
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  March 2011

Sword Index
Special Transport Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)28
Features   (max 20)17
Quality   (max 25)23
Price   (max 15)10
Overall   (max 100)86%


Oshkosh HET M1070 with M1000 Trailer - camouflage Video
The Oshkosh branded box.
The colour scheme is great.
The standard of modelling on the underside is really high.
Very nice wheels and tyres.
Looks tough, is tough.
Underneath the trailer.
Excellent detail on the trailer deck.
Opening cupboard.  Wheel chocks are provided.
The HET and Trailer.
Rear of the trailer.
The Oshkosh HET (Heavy Equipment Transporter) M1070 and M1000 Trailer is designed for moving military hardware and specifically the 70 ton M1 Abrams tank, in arduous conditions.  The HET has accommodation for 6 people and is an 8x8 tractor. 

The review model is in a camouflage colour scheme.


The model comes in an Oshkosh branded box which has technical information about the vehicle printed on the outside.  Inside, the model is packed within expanded polystyrene trays and wrapped in polythene.  The review model had no defects or missing parts.

There are no instructions supplied with the model and there is no assembly to speak of, with just a few small parts that are decorative.  A key for operating the winches and a pointer for opening doors and flaps are included.


The chassis of the HET is excellent with nearly all the components made of metal.  The transmission and suspension is first rate and there is a mass of cabling throughout which looks very realistic.  Heavily treaded tyres are mounted on impressive metal hubs.

The cab is finely detailed with individual rivets detailed throughout and there are some very small signs and notices.  Interior detail is very good with signs and other items such as the aircon on the ceiling modelled.

Behind the cab the winch area is very authentic looking with mesh screens, controls and coiled air lines.  At the rear there are rubber mud flaps and a pintle hitch.

The trailer standard is just as good as the HET.  The gooseneck has metal handrails and winch for the spare wheels, and hydraulic lines to the cylinders.  Underneath the trailer the steering linkages are metal and again there is a mass of detail including lines to each axle.  Support legs with locking pins and chains are provided on each corner.

The trailer deck is excellent too with finely modelled tie down points and loops.  A floating winch pulley sits at the back.  The metal ramps have a good structure and small grab rails.


The front and rear axles of the HET steer in a notched manner, but the range of movement is good and realistic poses can be produced.  There  is also working suspension on all axles, which is particularly good on the rear three axles.

The door mirrors can be folded in, and the cab doors open with the hinge mechanism on the doors not spoiling the appearance of the model at all on the outside.  The engine hood can also tilt forward to reveal a detailed engine.

Behind the cab, the three winches can be operated using the supplied key.  Separate pins are supplied which can be used to pin the shackles into a storage position.

The trailer has fully working suspension on each wheel set, and the axles also steer proportionally although the mechanism is very stiff.  Each support leg can be lowered and pinned into position. 

The gooseneck has working cylinders which can adjust the gooseneck angle.  The loading ramps are spring loaded and can be lowered and popped back to upright.

There are two opening storage compartments, one on either side of the front of the trailer.


This is a very high quality model from Sword which is almost entirely metal.  The camouflage paintwork is beautiful and there are some tiny graphics around the cab.


The price of the model reflects the high quality standard and will be good value if production runs are limited.


This is an excellent model of a military special transport vehicle.  Both the detailing and the manufacture are excellent, and the colour scheme looks great.  This is an outstanding model for anyone with an interest in this kind of vehicle. 


The model was originally announced as a TWH model and was then taken over by Sword.  It appeared in 2010.  Three colour variations were made: camouflage, tan, and black and green.

The model in the tray.
The parts out of the box.
Excellent details in the winch area.
Opening engine hood.
Detailed interior with warning notices on the inside of the door.
Support legs and plenty of air lines.
Opening stair detail.
Loading ramps folded down.
A folding ladder and shackles are included.
Heavy special transport.