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Bucyrus 495HF Bucket Trailer Load

Maker:  Sword
Model No:  050
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  August 2008

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The Dipper with the included chains.
The box.
A Cranes Etc team member demonstrates lifting the flap. How easy it is!
This accessory is a model of the 'Fastfil' dipper as used on the Bucyrus 495HF version of the rope shovel.  It is designed for use in softer excavations such as in oil sands. 


The dipper comes in a black Bucyrus-marked box which contains the model securely protected within black foam rubber.  Also included is a small bag containing a couple of lengths of black chain.  No other information is provided.  The review model had no defects.

Detail and Features

The dipper is a very heavy piece of modelling with thick metal sides.  Detail is good with well formed heavy teeth and strong structure detail within the casting.

The flap of the dipper opens, and it closes with a satisfying clunk. 

Although the dipper is the same as the one supplied with the 495HF model it cannot be fitted to the 495HR version without some surgical effort as the dippers are riveted to the model and not easily removed.

Quality and Price

This is a substantial and quality accessory which is reasonably priced.


The dipper makes an interesting heavy haulage load for a suitable vehicle.  The advanced collector could potentially fit it to the 495HR version of the shovel but this would require some work to achieve it.


The dipper is the version used on the TWH 011 Bucyrus 495HF model.  The model was released in a run of 1000 in February 2007.
A heavy hunk - the dipper that is.
Forming a load on the 3x3x3 Nelson Trailer.
Chained down and ready to be hauled.