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Ford F250 Pickup Truck Escort Set - Mammoet

Maker:  Sword
Model No:  410217
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  April 2017

Sword Index
Commercial Vehicle Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 6
Detail   (max 30) 26
Features   (max 20) 18
Quality   (max 25) 21
Price   (max 15) 10
Overall   (max 100) 81%


Ford F250 Pickup Truck Escort Set - Mammoet Video. [Youku Video]
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The box.
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Very good steering angle.  Tool box in the back.
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Opening front doors.
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Engine under the hood.
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Different number plate on each truck.
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Escort convoy.
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On site.

This is a set containing two Ford F250 Pickup Trucks, each with Crew Cab and 6ft Bed. 

The set is in the colours of Mammoet.


The model comes in a Mammoet branded box which has photos of a real Ford F250. 

There were no missing parts on the review model. One aerial was loose in the box, and was easily re-attached.

There are few parts supplied to fit to the F250s, but no instructions. However it is easy to see where the parts go.


The two Ford F250 models are essentially the same with minor detail differences.

Underneath, the floor pan is plastic and it has the transmission and exhaust detailed so it looks good.  There are plastic mud flaps which are slightly flexible and just a little bit thick for the scale.  The chrome wheels are plastic with reasonable tyres.

At the front the Ford badge looks good and Super Duty is etched into the top of the grille.

A nice touch is that each F250 has a different number plate and different fleet number graphics.  A very thin aerial adds realism.

The front doors do not have window glass although this does mean they are easy to open.  Inside, the cabin is detailed and a nice detail is the internal mirror which is silvered.

At the rear the load floor is textured and the sides are detailed.  The tailgate has a Ford badge and the lights have plastic lenses.

Attachments are provided including a light bar and a fine mesh oversize load sign, and there is also a tool box.  A rear towing hitch can also be added.

For one F250 a front support for a gauging pole can be added and the pole inserted.


They roll reasonably well, and the steering achieves a good angle.

The hood opens, but not widely, and there is plastic detailing underneath.

Both front doors open to around a 30 angle.

The rear tailgate can be lowered, and clicks into place when raised up.

The attachments can be added to each F250 or left off as desired, providing flexibility.


This is a high quality model set

The paintwork and Mammoet graphics are very good.


The set is decent value for a collectible limited edition.


It has been a long wait for Sword models to release the Ford F250 model, and they have been made to a high standard with a good mix of detail and functionality.  They pose well with other models.


The set appeared in March 2017 at ConExpo and was made in a run of 500 sets.  It was made by Sword Models and engineered by Weiss Brothers.

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On the road.
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Overall look is very good.
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Realistic floor pan.
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Tailgate lowers.
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Different fleet numbers on each truck.
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Height gauge on the lead truck.
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They look great.