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Scania R620 - Kranringen

Maker:  Tekno
Model No:  62692
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  October 2011

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)24
Features   (max 20)15
Quality   (max 25)20
Price   (max 15)12
Overall   (max 100)79%
Note the rating refers to the Tekno truck, not the NZG scissor lift.


Scania R620 - Kranringen Video
The Mammoet styled box.
Loaded for the road.
Excellent cab decoration.
Smart wheel hubs.
Folded Hiab.
Scania looks great.
Set up to lift.  'You haven't put the rear pads down!'
Big reach of the Haib.
The Haulotte with the pads down.
Extendible platforms.
Telescopic sections.  The chains are not included with the model.
Kranringen was founded in 1943 and is based in Norway.  It operates a variety of cranes and heavy haulage equipment and has a close relationship with Mammoet.

This model of the Scania R620 Rigid Flatbed Truck is in Kranringen colours and is fitted with a heavy Hiab loader crane, although the real truck with the number plate NF 36666 is fitted with a Fassi crane.  It includes a Haulotte H15 SX Scissor Lift in Mammoet colours as a load.


The packaging is a Mammoet house style with the model nicely held within high quality black foam.  There were no defects or missing parts on the review model.

There are a number of small parts to fit although there are no instructions and a simple sheet would have helped the inexperienced collector.  Although this is a Mammoet branded model there is no collector card included, possibly to differentiate that this is in Kranringen colours.

There is no information about the real truck or load.


The truck chassis looks good with the engine, transmission and suspension all represented well.  The steering is modelled for functionality rather than accuracy.  The wheels have differing tyres on the front and rear axles, and really nice wheel hubs.

The Scania cab looks very smart in the Kranringen livery and the graphics are detailed and very good quality, with some very small graphics on the front.  Overall detailing is really good with aerials, horns light bar and Mammoet sign.  It is pleasing to see the number plate copied from the real truck, although the fleet number is different.

The flatbed has a metal surface with painted surfaces to represent timber sections, and there is a plastic headboard.  Along the sides there are equipment boxes, and at the rear the lights have plastic lenses and there is a non-functional towing hitch.  There are a pair of metal stabilisers behind the rear wheels, and non-removable width markers tucked under at the rear.

The crane is a nice quality part which is mainly metal and only lacks some graphics which would have added detail although their absence is perhaps because the model is a Hiab whereas the real truck has a Fassi crane.  Around the base there are equipment boxes and a traffic light post.  The stabilisers beams are metal with metal cylinder pistons and plastic pads. 

The cylinders on the crane are chunky and look good and there are some plastic hydraulic lines at the first knuckle joint.  The telescopic sections are nicely made with steel rods to represent the cylinder pistons but without cylinder jackets.  A smart little hook is fixed at the end of the boom.

The scissor lift load has no detail underneath to speak of.  The small tyres are rubber with a tread pattern, and are mounted on small metal hubs.  The outrigger beams have nice metal pads. 

Each side of the Haulotte has some simple casting representing the engine blocks.  The scissors are well made and a hydraulic lift cylinder is modelled inside them.  The basket is all metal with the floor having a nice textured pattern although the handrails are a little thick having regard for the scale of the model.

A couple of black rubber bands are provided as straps to fix the load but many collectors will prefer not to use them.


The Scania steering is linked with a small range of movement.

The cab tilts to give access to the plastic engine, and can remain in a tilted position.

The rear stabiliser beams can be extended but the pads are part of the casting and so they cannot be lowered which is a pity.  The front stabilisers are stored vertically and should be folded down to be used.  This has been implemented by making the beams removable from their holders so they can be inserted up or down as desired.  The pistons and pads are loose parts which fit into the beam ends so they cannot hold any weight and are fro visual appearance only.

The crane opens up and the cylinders are stiff enough to hold any pose.  The telescopic sections are very smooth fitting but this does mean that they will not support any load on the hook without moving.  However with care many poses can be set.

Turning to the scissor lift, it has a steering mechanism which can be set to achieve a good lock.  The outrigger pads can be screwed down to provide stability.

Raising the platform using the scissor lift works well and it rises in a true manner without veering to one side.  The mechanism is also stiff enough to hold the basket at any height without drooping. 

The basket has extending platforms which can be slid out to increase the overall length.


Tekno has produced a good quality truck model which is mainly metal.  It excels with the appearance of the paintwork and graphics which is very nice. 

The NZG made scissor lift is almost totally metal and is well made.


As a combination this truck and load are good value, particularly considering the limited numbers made.


This is a very good looking model which will please collectors of heavy truck models as well as Mammoet collectors.  Some aspects of the features of the truck, namely the stabilisers, could have been engineered a little better.  With that said most poses can be set and the model impresses.  It is highly recommended overall.


The model was introduced at the Mammoet Open day in September 2011 and was made in a run of 400 models.  The Haulotte H15 SX is made by NZG model and is NZG 720.

Foam rubber packaging.
Profile view.
Steering range is limited.
Good chassis.
Load looks good on the flatbed.
Tilting cab.
Flatbed has painted wood effect sections.
The telescopic sections are loose fitting but it can still be posed high.
Scissor action is true and straight.
An alternative load - mast section of a Liebherr 630 EC-H 40.
Lights at the rear have plastic lenses.