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Hitachi ZAXIS 470 LCH-5 Excavator 

Maker:  TMC
Model No:  554608
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  April 2013

TMC Index
Earthmoving Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)27
Features   (max 20)17
Quality   (max 25)21
Price   (max 15)13
Overall   (max 100)86%


Hitachi ZAXIS 470 LCH-5 Excavator Video.
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Hitachi branded box.
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Warning graphics on the counterweight.
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Some detailing on the body underside.
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Equipment at the boom foot.
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Graphics on the track frames.
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Opening engine covers.
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Armoured hoses.
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Bucket is riveted to the stick permanantly.
Loaded on a Goldhofer low loader.
Loading an articulated dump truck.
Comment on this model.

The Hitachi ZAXIS 470 LCH-5 is a large excavator with an operating weight of around 49 tonnes in the modelled configuration.  It has a typical bucket capacity of 1.9m³. 


The Hitachi branded box has a table and a couple of graphics on the box showing the dimensions and digging characteristics of the real machine.  Inside, the packaging consists of a couple of expanded polystyrene trays. 

There were no defects or missing parts on the review model. 

It requires no assembly and is complete out of the box.


The metal tracks have detailed double grouser shoes which is an unusual but valid track configuration for a machine this size.  They are mounted on good track frames but the lower rollers are solid and non-functioning although the upper rollers are moving parts.  There are a number of small graphics which add detail. 

The cab is excellent.  On the outside there is a metal grab rail which includes a mirror which is really nicely silvered so it reflects fully.  In addition to wipers and lights there are very small graphics which increase the realism.  The sidewalk outside the cab is finely modelled with perforations.

Inside the cab the detailing is excellent with a sculpted floor, a full set of controls and a computer console which has tiny graphics.  The inside of the plastic door has a fine grab rail and the Hitachi name is printed onto the seat.

The body casting has panel doors with silver painted locks and there are warning graphics on the counterweight.  The access ladder is finely detailed with textured steps.  It is good to see properly formed lifting eyes on the counterweight and there is a rear video camera too.

The grilles on the right side are really good as engine components are visible between the slats.  There is a high level of detail on top of the body with small circular cover plates having bolt details.  Under the opening hatches the engine detail is reasonable.  The fat exhaust pipe has a hole and looks convincing.

The hydraulics to the main boom rams include a grey plastic array which somehow does not look right but the orange coloured pipework is very good.  The hydraulics on the top of the boom are top quality.  Hoses run from equipment in the body and the pipe array on the boom is complex and looks realistic.  Very good armoured hoses are also used and they attach to small connectors.  The pipes extend to the end of the stick to provide a power connection for hydraulic tools.  The ram jackets have a good colour match but the plastic is not dense so they appear lighter under some lighting conditions.

The boom and stick have other details within the castings and the bucket is a good metal casting with side wear plates although it is permanently riveted and not removable.


The tracks are stiff and reluctant to roll but they can be turned by hand.  They are tensioned with spring loaded idlers and are made of individual hooked links which separate easily if the tracks are removed from the frames.

The body rotates smoothly and the boom, stick and bucket have a good range of movement and can be posed in any position.

The cab door can be opened to a wide angle.

The engine cover is hinged with a large bracket and can be opened up and stays in the open position.  A smaller cover also opens.


This is another high quality detailed model from TMC which is nearly all metal. 

The paintwork and graphics are to a high standard.


This model maintains the very good value of recent Hitachi Excavator models.


TMC has produced a highly detailed piece with good functionality, but it would have been nice if the bucket was removable.  For the price it is another outstanding Hitachi scale model.


The model first appeared in April 2013. 

Profile view.
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Great looking model.
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Main grilles are see-through so detail can be seen behind.
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Grey hydraulics at the bottom of the rams look a little odd.
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Mesh sidewalk is very good.
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Opening door and detailed cab.
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Excellent hydraulics on the boom.
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Reaching up.
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A larger size excavator.
On the road.