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Nicolas Tractomas

Maker:  Tonkin
Model No:  31-0008
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  January 2015

Tonkin Index
Special Transport Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)9
Detail   (max 30)27
Features   (max 20)16
Quality   (max 25)21
Price   (max 15)10
Overall   (max 100)83%


Nicolas Tractomas Video  [Youku Video]
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High quality box.
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Big bullbars.
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Detailed chassis.
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Plastic steps and mesh walkways.
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Fans visible through the grille.
Big truck.
Tilting cab.
Caterpillar engine.
Size comparison with a MAN tractor.
Comment on this model.

The Tractomas is made by Nicolas Industrie which is part of the Tii Group.  The 10x10 version has been recognised as the largest road tractor in the world.

This model is the 8x8 version in the design relaunched in 2013.  The real truck has an empty weight of 36 tonnes, and it can move a load of 500 tonnes.


The model comes in a robust high quality outer shipping carton.  The model box is also high quality, decorated in black with subtle Tii Group branding.  Inside the model is held within black foam which is a tight fit so care is needed getting the model out.

The review model had no defects.  A bag containing two pins for locking the bullbar was missing but in reality these are not really needed.

The box includes a small booklet which has interesting information about the real truck, and it also describes the features of the model.


This is a big truck model but needs to be handled with some care.

The chassis detailing is very good with the 8x8 transmission modelled and only the silver rivets on the steering mechanism detract a little.  Some of the elements such as the tanks are plastic but the colour match is very good.  The Caterpillar engine is visible from below, and under the cab.  It is plastic but made of a number of parts. 

Nice touches include rubber mud flaps behind the front wheels and thin mesh in the front wheel arches.  The rubber tyres are the same design on all axles and the wheels are very detailed.

At the front the headlights are formed of jewelled glass and there is a useable hitch although there is no pin.  There is lots of fine quality mesh and this used for walkways around the model.  The handrails and bullbar are metal.   

The metal cab is detailed inside with padded texture on the seats and nice controls.  On the outside the detailing is of a good standard. 

The equipment container behind the cab is mainly metal, and the plastic parts have an excellent colour match.  Fans are visible through the top mesh and the side grilles look very good even though they are solid.

At the rear the wheel arches are hard plastic, and there is a useable towing hitch at the rear, again without a pin.


The wheels are free rolling and the linked steering can be set to a good angle even though the steering linkage is not precise.  The first axle oscillates with the other axles being fixed on the review model.

The bullbar folds forwards and that allows the cab to tilt to a good angle and it holds the tilted pose.

Both cab doors open.

The fifth wheel tilts from side to side.


This is a very well presented high quality model which is mainly metal with plastic used appropriately. 

The paint finish is very good and the graphics are sharp.


It is perhaps a little pricey but it is a big model presented well.


The Tractomas is an extraordinary truck and it is good that Tonkin has produced a high quality model of it.  As a first model to market of a European truck by Tonkin it sets a high standard for the future.


The model was available from December 2014.

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Booklet included.
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Nice wheels.
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Towing hitch at the rear.
Profile view.
Fan at the front and mesh in the wheel arches.
Opening cab door reveals a comfy looking seat.