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Mercedes-Benz Actros + Flatbed - Riga Mainz

Maker:  Tonkin
Model No:  33-0005
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  May 2015

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)9
Detail   (max 30)23
Features   (max 20)14
Quality   (max 25)20
Price   (max 15)11
Overall   (max 100)77%


Mercedes-Benz Actros + Flatbed - Riga Mainz Video  [YouKu Video]
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High quality box.
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Very smart looking Actros.
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Detailed tank.
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Detailed engine.
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Visible screw threads on the landing legs.
Load strapped down.
Loaded with different crane parts.
Loaded with containers.
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This Mercedes-Benz Actros 4x2 StreamSpace and Flatbed Trailer is in the colours of Riga Mainz, the German crane hire and heavy transport company.

This model consists of a Tekno truck and trailer, with a Tonkin Kobelco boom section as a load.


The model comes in a very robust high quality outer shipping carton.  The model box is also high quality, with Tonkin Replicas branding.  The model is held within black foam and other protective packaging.

The review model had no defects or missing parts.

There is no information about the model or real truck.


The Mercedes-Benz Actros is a 4x2 chassis with good detailing.  The tyres have a simple tread pattern which is the same on both axles.  The wheels are detailed but the finish around the rims was a bit rough.

At the front the grille looks good and the lights have plastic lenses.  There are aerials on the roof and the mirrors are colour-coded.  The Riga Mainz colour scheme and graphics are high quality.  The cab interior is very good with coloured elements. 

Behind the cab there are coiled lines and nicely detailed tanks.  At the rear there are wheel chocks and the number plates are realistic.

The trailer axles have detailed suspension and there is a spare wheel.  The landing legs have visible screw threads when lowered.  A number of the elements of the trailer are plastic including the headboard and side impact protection.

A graphics sheet is used to represent the timber surfacing but it looks realistic.  A pack of plastic deck posts is provided.

The load is from a Kobelco crawler crane and it is a nicely formed boom section with mesh walkways and tiny graphics at the connection points. 

Three elastic securing straps are also provided and they include modelled ratchets, and they add to the look of the model.


The tractor has steering with a moderate range of movement.  The cab tilts and can be posed in a tilted position.

The trailer has working suspension on the axles.

The landing legs can be unscrewed to lower them and will support the trailer level when not connected to a tractor.

Optional deck posts can be fitted.

The load can be included or left off.


This is a good quality model and is presented in very high quality packaging. 

The paint finish is excellent and the graphics are sharp.


The price is reasonable for a limited edition.


This is a good looking truck model which is very well presented.  It is a good utility truck posed with other models and would look particularly good as part of a Riga Mainz fleet.


The model appeared at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in 2015 and was released in a run of 120 models.
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The parts.
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Very good detail inside the cab.
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Chassis looks good although the tyre patterns are the same on both axles.  
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Axle detailing looks realistic.
On the road.
Convincing look.
The deck surface is made with graphics sheets.