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Kamag Wiesel - DPD

Maker:  Tonkin
Model No:  64214809
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  September 2015

Tonkin Index
Special Transport Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)9
Detail   (max 30)26
Features   (max 20)16
Quality   (max 25)20
Price   (max 15)10
Overall   (max 100)81%


Kamag Wiesel - DHL and DPD Video  [Youku Video]
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High quality box.
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DPD graphics are very sharp.
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Blanking plate bolted over the wheel arch.
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Walkways on the chassis.  Fifth wheel hydraulically raised.
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Standing on the support legs.
Reversing under the container.
Towing a trailer.
The Wiesel moving a trailer in the yard.
Attractive model.
A pair of Wiesels.
Comment on this model.

The Wiesel is made by Kamag which is part of the Tii Group.  It is a vehicle to improve logistics movements of containers and trailers within depots.

This model is the colours of DPD, the international delivery business.  DPD originally stood for Deutscher Paket Dienst, but now it means Dynamic Parcel Distribution, or Direct Parcel Distribution in some countries.


It is delivered in a robust high quality outer shipping carton.  The model box is also high quality, in black with subtle Tii Group branding.  Inside the model is held within black foam which is a tight fit.

The review model had no defects or missing parts. 

There is no information about the real vehicle or model.


Starting underneath, the chassis is detailed and the rear axle and transmission are good.  The front axle would have looked better if the large silver rivets were painted. Other details such as the exhaust are nicely reproduced.  The wheels are also good.  The tyres all have the same tread pattern and the wheel arches are plastic.

The Mercedes-Benz cab is modelled very well.  The lights are particularly good with plastic lenses, and there are metal fender bars.  Under the roof staging there is a Waeco air conditioner. The wheel arch covers on each side have delicately highlighted bolt heads.

Walking surfaces on the load deck have textured surfaces and there is a good looking coiled line.  The fifth wheel has a large opening for a kingpin which looks closer to 'Tekno' diameter, rather than 'WSI'.

The graphics on the side of the chassis are very sharp, and at the rear there is a wheel chock, a dummy towing hitch and the lights have plastic lenses.

The container is all metal with a dummy roller door at the rear.  The DPD graphics are very sharp.  It is interesting to note that the container has a NZG logo on the underside.


The wheels are free rolling and the steering can be set to a good angle. 

The load platform is on hydraulic rams so it can lift up to engage a container on legs and lift it so the legs can be free of the ground or folded.  The container and platform can then be lowered back down if required.  The mechanism was stiff on the review model.

The fifth wheel is on a hydraulic mechanism which allows it to be raised to the correct height for connection to a trailer.  Unfortunately with the fifth wheel retracted the piston in the ram protrudes from the end of the ram jacket with a rough end.

The container has folding legs which can support it, if perhaps somewhat unsteadily.


This is a very good quality model which is mainly metal with plastic used appropriately. 

The paint finish and graphics are very good.


It is very well presented and is moderate value overall.


Tonkin has produced a very good model of an unusual vehicle. It looks attractive, with reasonable functionality and the presentation of the model in high quality packaging is noteworthy.


This version of the model first appeared in August 2015.

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Click to see large photo
Detailed chassis.
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Pulling out from under the container.
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Underside of the container.
Profile view.
Easy does it.
Load platform raised up.
Fifth wheel raised.