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Caterpillar 621K Wheel Tractor-Scraper

Maker:  Tonkin
Model No:  80001
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  June 2015

Tonkin Index
Earthmoving Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)23
Features   (max 20)17
Quality   (max 25)19
Price   (max 15)11
Overall   (max 100)78%


Caterpillar 621K Wheel Tractor-Scraper Video  [Youku Video]
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Caterpillar branded box.
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Nice tyres.
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Detailed cab.
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Inside the bowl.
Nice detailing on the cab roof.
On the road.
Impressive looking load.
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The Caterpillar 621K is a single-engine Wheel Tractor-Scraper and it has an operating weight of around 36 tonnes.


The model comes in a Caterpillar-branded box with windows.  Inside the box the model is held in a large plastic former secured with poppers. 

The review model had no missing parts or defects.

The box includes a small collector card which has some information about the real machine and a photo. 


The underside has detail within the castings.  The tyres are good and they are mounted on plastic wheels.

The tractor is detailed well, with some fine casting of textured areas.  The black grille at the front looks good and it has a Caterpillar logo.  The handrails are metal with various access ladders being plastic. 

The metal cab has good detail inside with nice controls including an offset steering wheel, and there is a Cat logo on the seat back. Small aerials and a horn are on the roof, together with a painted beacon light which does not look as good as a clear plastic version would.  There is a windscreen wiper on the front windscreen.

The connection to the bowl is very detailed with plenty of soft hoses, which all looks convincing.  The elevating mechanism for the bowl is also detailed with hydraulic hoses.  The bowl is metal with some nice graphics.

At the rear the anti-spill guard is modelled in metal, as is the robust pusher point at the back.  The handrails and laser sensor are soft plastic.


The wheels are free rolling.  A particular plus point is the steering which achieves an angle of almost 90º between the tractor and the bowl.

The gooseneck hitch can be elevated using a small hydraulic ram although it struggles to hold an elevated pose.

The elevating mechanism for the bowl is stiff but it allows realistic cut and carry angles.

The apron raises and lowers and poses in any position.

The ejector can be moved forwards and backwards although it is a clunky mechanism.


This is a nice model with a high metal content. 

The paint finish is very good and the graphics are sharp.


It is reasonably priced.


This is a good scraper model with a blend of detail and features.


The model was available in Europe from mid 2015.

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Travelling with the bowl raised.
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Detailing within the casting.
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Excellent turning angle.
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Very good detail around the gooseneck.
Profile view.
Apron up and ejector forward.
Good display set.