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P&H 4100XPC Electric Mining Shovel

Maker:  TWH Collectibles
Model No:  020
Scale:  1:87
Review Date:  March 2009

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)9
Detail   (max 30)25
Features   (max 20)15
Quality   (max 25)20
Price   (max 15)10
Overall   (max 100)80%


The P&H 4100XPC is very detailed considering it is 1:87 scale.
The box.
Where to buy
The parts out of the box.
Fine details on the track frames.
It is hard to distinguish the model from the real machine. 
Boom top details.
Fine mesh work on the machine house roof.
Fine structure at the boom connection.
Overall impressive construction.
P&H Mining Equipment is a global leader in the manufacture and service of large excavating and drilling machines  The company was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1884 by Alonzo Pawling and Henry Harnischfeger.  Its headquarters remain there.

The P&H 4100XPC is an electric mining shovel that provides a nominal 115 ton payload loading capacity.  It is designed for use in mines operating large mining trucks in the 240-400 ton range.  Fitted with 87" shoes like this model, the machine weighs 3.2m lbs (nearly 1500 tonnes).


The model is supplied well packed in a P&H branded box which has some good photos and a description of the machine's features.  Inside, the model is contained within expanded polystyrene trays.  As it is 1:87 scale, some parts are delicate but the packaging is effective and the review model had no damage or missing parts.

Three small brochures are supplied.  Two are reprints of P&H literature and they provide interesting information which is a good and worthwhile backdrop to the model.  The third is a simple leaflet which describes the small amount of assembly needed (fixing handrails), and the operation of the model.


This is a 1:87 scale model but even so it is quite large which in turn reflects the size of the real machine.  Also the detail level shows few compromises in the smaller scale.

The metal tracks are finely crafted and replicate the original's pads well.  They sit on nicely cast track frames which have good detail in the side elements.  At one end the track drives are modelled complete with a cable reel for the electric power supply and this has some cable wound on the drum.  The detail in this area is finely rendered with ladders, power cable and machinery.

The machine house is surrounded by fine metal handrails which look very good indeed although they seem to be a little low in height when compared to the doors and other features of the machine.  The floors of the walkways all have a representative mesh flooring, and the stairs are finely made.  There are various doors around the model which have painted door handles and it is only in the painting of the window frames that the quality of the workmanship begins to suffer at the small scale. 

Other details are excellent.  There are tiny floodlights all around the model and fine fire extinguishers.  At various points around the body there are really good ventilation grilles.  The operator's cab has windscreen wipers and mirrors and inside there is a very small operator's seat which has P&H clearly printed in tiny writing on the seat back.

Moving to the main structure, the boom is held by four strops which have a realistic steel colour.  The boom has access steps which rise to the boom top where there are four really good metal spoked pulleys.  The dipper handle has a toothed rack and well modelled connections to the dipper itself.

The real dipper is heavily made to withstand its duty cycle and this is replicated in this scale too.  The walls are thick, and the detail on the large teeth is very good.


The tracks roll well, and are mounted onto spring loaded sprockets at one end to facilitate removal. 

Rotating the model is smooth. Using the supplied keys, the dipper can be raised and lowered, and the crowd function on the dipper handle can be operated too.  The drums are stiff enough that any pose can be held.  The dipper flap can also be opened to discharge a load.

The access stairs on the cab side of the model can be lowered and raised.


This is a high quality model which is particularly good given it is in 1:87 scale and that it is therefore more difficult to replicate small elements.  Manufacturing quality is very good, and the model is almost entirely in metal.  Paint and graphics are generally good throughout.


As a detailed model in small scale it might be expected that the model would not be cheap and it is not.  However even in 1:87 scale it is larger than many 1:50 models so it has to be viewed in this context.  It is fair value overall.


Serious collectors of mining equipment will want to have a model of this P&H shovel.  Although the scale is small, it is well detailed and is a high quality model.

The only decision to make is whether a collector wants to collect in 1:87 scale.  Overall the model is highly recommended.


It was initially made as an earlier version (the 4100XPB) which was sold under the Sword Models label in a number of colours.  The model was updated to the 4100XPC version in 2008 and made in a run of 1000.  A 1:50 scale version was introduced in 2011.

Inside the box.
Cable reel, and heavy counterweight on the back .
Heavy dipper construction.
Opening flap on the dipper.
Cab detail.
Stairs lower for access.
Close up of the cable reel.
Compare the relative size of the machine with a building in the same scale.  This machine is big.