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Grove YB5515 Yard Crane

Maker:  TWH Collectibles
Model No:  028
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  March 2008

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)27
Features   (max 20)16
Quality   (max 25)21
Price   (max 15)10
Overall   (max 100)81%


A petit model, but full of detail.
Grove box.
Where to buy
All the parts out of the box.
Fly jib fitted to the side of the boom.
Detail is very good underneath too.
Fine detail at the boom head. A hoist cut out latch and there is a tie off for the hoist rope too.  The chrome boom locking pins are shown in position.  
The working boom angle indicator.
Removable cover and opening storage compartment for the small hook.
Great detail all around.
The YB5515 sitting next to a bigger brother - the Grove GMK 3055.
The Grove YB5515 is a yard crane of the sort found in industrial premises.  It is often used for pick-and-carry duties where the load can be positioned on the deck whilst it is transported.  This particular model was originally developed by Shuttlelift as part of the Carrydeck line which was acquired by the Manitowoc Crane Group in early 2007 and made part of the Grove product line.

The crane has a maximum capacity of 15 tons and can carry around 10 tons on the deck.  With the fly jib, the maximum height of lift is just over 20m.


Some good things come in small packages and this model is in that category.  The box is small and relatively plain, and the model is well packed within a pair of expanded polystyrene trays.  The review model had no defects or missing parts.

A small product guide brochure is included which gives information about the real crane.  It does not describe the model however, and there are some small parts which do not have an obvious purpose so an instruction sheet would have been helpful.  Also provided is a small plastic pointer which is a useful tool for opening the small parts on the model.


Although the model is small an initial inspection reveals that it is packed full of detail.

Underneath, the engine and transmission is modelled and the chrome exhaust system is particularly good with the pipe having a hole rather than being just a solid piece.  The tyres have a good tread and they are mounted on nice metal hubs.

The front and rear of the carrier deck have excellent small lenses for the lights, and there are tiny graphics as well as a towing hitch at the front.  The deck is textured in a subtle way to provide a non-slip surface for loads.  There are tie down points for securing loads and two wing mirrors at the front corners of the carrier.  Detail in the driving cab is of an exceptional standard.  The controls include a bank of joysticks and foot pedals and tucked in behind the seat is a fire extinguisher.  There is an excellent set of warning notices and charts within the cab, all in tiny detail.  Outside, the cab has a windscreen wiper.

Excellent detail continues on the crane itself.  The minute bolts on the slewing ring are painted silver and the boom cylinder is metal and has a hydraulic line within the casting.  More tiny warning notices are on the boom and the fly jib, and boom angle indicators are attached.  The boom itself is a four piece telescope and includes a pair of hoist line guide frames.  At the boom head there is a hoist overrun cut-out and the fly jib is finely cast with excellent formed holes within the structure.

Two small hollow cylinders are provided in the bag of parts and these are for the pins on the fly jib. 

Two metal hooks are provided.  One is a two sheave hook and the second is a smaller hook for use with the fly jib.  Perhaps the only negative point on the model is the thread used for the hoist rope.  This is a little too 'stiff' so the relatively light hook does not give it any tension, and not enough thread is provided anyway to allow the full use of the hoist with the boom extended.  Fortunately it is easy to replace the thread with a finer gauge and this is recommended to make the model look better. 


Each axle steers independently so it is possible to replicate crab steering although the degree of lock is more limited than on the real crane. 

The outriggers can be lowered and these slide into place well.  The carrier deck has two removable panels which reveal engine detail, and there is also a small hinged cover to a storage box.  The main engine cover also opens and remarkably there is tiny prop which can be used to keep the cover open.  The door to the driver’s cab is another opening feature.

All the usual crane functions work with the hoist being operated using a finger on the drum.  The boom telescopes smoothly and interestingly can be locked off in the closed position.  Two small J-shaped pins are provided and these can be inserted to lock the boom.  The boom also has working angle indicators which are an excellent feature.

The fly jib can be attached with to the boom head with the two steel pins provided and it can be stowed on the side of the boom when not in use.  It does not have the ability to be set an offset angle like the original.  


The paintwork, graphics, and accuracy of the castings are all first rate.  In terms of detail the model is top notch.

Really the only negative point is the choice of the gauge of thread used which does not look under tension and detracts from the look of the model.


As is common with models from TWH this model is not particularly cheap, but it is a precision quality model and compares favourably with cheaper models.


It is good to see a model crane representing the industrial sector and this model does not let down.  The level of detail is very high and it is a tribute to TWH’s modelling skills that the detail has been achieved on a such small model.

It is a very good quality model which any collector of crane models will appreciate.  Just be sure to change the thread for something thinner if you want the model to look its best.


The model was released in 2006 as the Shuttlelift 5440F Carrydeck Crane.  It was produced by TWH for Sword Models as model number 2017.  The following versions were produced:  Colours: Green, 200 models; Tan, 200; Red, 300.  Badged Versions: Shuttlelift, 800 models; Anthony, 200; Great Lakes Power Equipment, 200.  The Manitowoc Crane Group bought the Carrydeck Line in early 2007 and the crane was rebadged as the Grove YB5515 Yard Crane.  The Grove version was licensed from TWH directly and was produced in a run of 2500.  It is marketed outside the Americas by NZG as model number 710.

Inside the box.
The unusual look of an industrial crane.
Very fine details on the fly jib.  Here the two yellow pin covers have been put on the fly jib.
Ready to lift.  Here the thread has been replaced with a finer gauge and so it is taut.
Superb detail inside the cab.
Another removable cover and the opening engine cover.  Here the original thread is still on the model so it lacks tension.
Reaching up.