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Gar-Bro Concrete Bucket

Maker:  TWH Collectibles
Model No:  047b
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  September 2008

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The Potain version of the Gar-Bro concrete bucket.
The Gar-Bro box.
Where to buy
Pull the handle and the chute opens.
The bucket hangs from the Potain MDT 178.
This accessory is a concrete bucket for use with crane models. 

It is a model of the Gar-Bro 'R' Series Lightweight Round-Gate Concrete Bucket made by the Gar-Bro Manufacturing Company of Heber Springs, Arkansas USA.  The 'R' series is designed to be significantly lighter than other buckets of similar capacity.  Gar-Bro has a long history in supply concrete placing equipment. It was founded in 1923 and has supplied to many major civil engineering projects across the world.


The Gar-Bro box is small and has a picture of the bucket.

Detail and Features

The bucket is well detailed and made all in metal.  The only issue is that it appears on the large size for 1:50, scaling at over 2m high.

It has a working chute mechanism which functions very well.

Quality and Price

This is a well made piece and is fair value considering its functionality.


Collectors of crane models will be pleased with this accessory although it is a little too large to fit under the chute of a 1:50 scale truck mixer on a level surface.  However the bucket looks good hung from a suitable crane. 


This accessory is supplied as standard with the
Potain MDT 178 Tower Crane model, where it has a 'Potain' logo rather than the Gar-Bro name.  The model is distributed by NZG outside the Americas and has NZG model number 738.  Production runs of separate models: Gar-Bro, 500; Potain, 500.
The bucket is large compared to the Cranes Etc team member. It scales at 2.3m to the rim.
Tiny spring loaded mechanism.
Placing concrete by bucket with the Manitowoc 16000? These guys need to get a life.