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Manitowoc 4100W #22 Boom Extension Kit

Maker:  TWH Collectibles
Model No:  049a
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  April 2008

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Two 40ft and one 10ft boom section together with pendants.
The box.
Where to buy
All the parts out of the box.
Pendants are riveted at the factory.
This accessory set for the Manitowoc 4100W Crawler Crane model is a #22 boom extension kit.


The box is small and relatively plain being in the same style as the 4100W box.  Inside, the parts are well packed with each boom section wrapped in polythene.  The parts in the review kit were undamaged.

A small booklet is included which provides simple instructions in English, together with pictures.

Detail and Features

On opening the kit there are two heavy lead weights and these are designed to fit in the ballast boxes which are between the track frames.  The undersides of the boxes can be unscrewed and the weights inserted.  Beware though that considerable force is needed to push the weights fully home.  The extra weight is worth having as the model is now stable (just) with the standard boom horizontal as if being set up.

The 40ft boom sections are the same as the one provided with the crane although the 10ft section is slightly different with some additional fixing positions which are presumably used on later variants of the model.  Overall the kit adds 55cm (22in) to the boom length of the base model.

The pendants included are already fixed together with rivets presumably because this is quicker to produce in the factory rather than screwed connections.  This initially appears to fix the use of all boom sections when extending the model rather than allowing choice as to how many are used.  On closer inspection of the model and the extension kit there were enough spare screws between them to allow one set of rivets to be cut off and replaced and this gives more flexible display options.

Quality and Price

This is a great addition to the base model and allows an impressive long boom to be posed at a cost which is reasonable.


The extra weights provided are almost worth having on their own to improve the dead weight and stability of the base model.  The rest of the kit is of the same quality as 4100W and is therefore highly recommended.


This kit is designed for use with the
Manitowoc 4100W Crawler Crane.  The boom extension kit first appeared in April 2008.  The run is 1000 kits.  It is marketed outside the Americas by NZG as model number 6921.
Inside the box.
Lead weights fit into the track frame ballast boxes.
The 4100W with one additional 40ft boom section inserted.  The model starts to get impressive.