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Grove RT540E Mobile Crane

Maker:  TWH Collectibles
Model No:  079
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  August 2009

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)25
Features   (max 20)17
Quality   (max 25)20
Price   (max 15)10
Overall   (max 100)80%


The Grove RT540E Mobile Crane.
The box.
Where to buy
The parts out of the box.
Rear view.
Underside view.
The connection of the fly jib.
The cover to the hydraulic valves is removed.
The boom head.
Ready to lift.
The fly jib connected to the boom head.
The RT540E being carried on a Nooteboom Euro Low Loader.
The Grove RT540E is a rough terrain mobile crane which is often seen on sites where the travelling conditions are not ideal, such as motorway construction.  The real machine can lift a maximum of 35 tonnes, and has a boom length up to 31m.  A swingaway extension jib adds another 14m of reach.

This model is available in several different liveries including Grove yellow.  The red and white livery of the review model was produced for DHS of the USA.


This model comes in a Manitowoc style box, with the model held between a pair of expanded polystyrene trays.  There were no defects or missing parts.

It comes complete with a small reprint of the Grove Product Guide, which is a nice touch, and a simple instruction sheet which describes some of the features of the model.


The crane is mounted on good quality tyres with a realistic tread and these are mounted on detailed hubs.  The carrier is really well detailed with the outrigger pistons looking like pistons instead of just screw threads as on older models.  The engine area is excellent with superbly etched grilles looking particularly convincing.  Other details such as ladders, handrails and other equipment are all very authentically reproduced.

The high standard of detail continues on the crane body, with the cab having windscreen wipers and mirrors, and inside the cab the controls are replicated.  It also includes a fire extinguisher, textured floor and numerous internal notices for the driver.  On the opposite side of the body there is a removable panel which gives access to the hydraulics and it is here that a particularly complex and detailed piece of modelling is found.  In fact the hydraulics are really good on this model with the lines to the drive motors for the winches also modelled.

The boom is a four piece telescope which is nicely made.  A metal hook block is provided and this is already reeved in the factory, so there is no need for an inexperienced collector to worry about doing this.  Also supplied is a lattice extension jib and this can be attached to the boom top with pins.  It also has a telescopic extending section.  The only issue with the fly jib is although it fixes well when the boom is retracted, it does not hang properly if the boom is extended without the fly jib, and it then tends to flap around a bit.

Another part included in the box is a second hook block which is welcome as it allows the crane to be displayed with a hook on the fly jib and one on the main boom.  The only issue is that the block is identical to the one already reeved when a single line block would have looked more realistic.


Both axles steer independently and a shallow lock can be achieved.

The outrigger beams extend and the pads can be lowered, and they can hold the full weight of the crane.

The cab features an opening sliding door, and there is an additional opening flap which gives sight of the engine within.  A removable clip-on panel reveals detailed hydraulics connections.  Underneath the carrier deck there is an opening box which reveals the batteries inside.

The other functions of the model work well.  The crane rotates and the boom can be set at any angle without the main cylinder bleeding down.  Two winches are fitted, although on the review model one of these was a little loose and so would not hold much weight on the hook.

A nice touch is that the boom features a working angle indicator. 

The fly jib can be attached, and the telescopic section can be extended and pinned in place.


This is a high quality model with impressive applied graphics, with some of the warning notices being absolutely tiny.  There is very little plastic used.


The model is reasonable value for the quality offered.


This is another high quality Grove model and is easy to rate as ‘Highly Recommended’.


The model first appeared at dealers in August 2009.  It has been produced in a number of colour variants.  A second run of models in various liveries was introduced in 2011 and the Michielsens version is reviewed
The model and parts inside the expanded polystyrene tray.
The crane in travelling configuration.
Very detailed cab, complete with tiny warning notices.
Tiny signs.
Outriggers are very good.  No visible screw threads here. 
Excellent details on the engine cover.
Opening battery box.
Opening flap shows the engine inside.
Lifting a small beam on the fly jib.
Getting some service from a Peterbilt 335.