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Bucyrus 8750 Dragline Bucket - Esco

Maker:  TWH
Model No:  087a
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  June 2010

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The Bucyrus 8750 Dragline Bucket in ESCO colours.
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The ESCO box.
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Massive chains.
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A humble 22RB shovel stands by.
The largest production 1:50 scale model made at the time of the review is the giant Bucyrus 8750 Dragline produced by TWH Collectibles.  It is over 2.8m long from front to back but its size and cost puts it beyond the reach of most collectors.  The dragline bucket is sold separately and allows collectors to own a part of the huge machine.

The real bucket has a capacity of 109 cubic metres.  This version is in ESCO configuration and colours.


The model comes in a fairly plain cardboard box, with the bucket securely packed between expanded polystyrene trays.  There were no defects on the review model.  There is no information included about the real bucket or the Bucyrus 8750 which is a pity as this would have added to the collectability of the model.

Detail and Features

The bucket is huge, and a heavy piece of metal.  It weighs nearly 1.5kg and is nearly 200mm long.  The details are good with very impressive teeth on the front and the metal chains are also convincing being made of large independent links, and they are attached to the spreader bar.  The details within the casting are simple and effective, with various bolts and panels visible.

Quality and Price

This is a very robust bucket and it is painted well, although there were some small defects on the review model.  It is a large chunk of metal and this is reflected in the price which is not cheap.


This is an impressive item made in limited numbers and it makes a good heavy haulage load, or is interesting just as an unusual display piece.  In fact it could easily be seen on a corporate desk, or just as an ornament at home.  Collectors of mining equipment models will be pleased to be able to own a part of the Bucyrus 8750 dragline.


The ESCO version first appeared at dealers in May 2010 and was made in a run of 100 models.  Other liveries produced: Bucyrus Black - 150 Models;  CQMS configuration and colours - 100 models.
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The dimensions of the bucket tower over the Cranes Etc team member.
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Underside view.
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A proper haulage load for a Nelson 3x3x3 Trailer.
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Big Iron sits on Long Iron.