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Keestrack Frontier Mobile Screener

Maker:  unknown
Model No:  unknown
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  February 2012

Unknown Maker Index
Mining / Quarrying Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)23
Features   (max 20)16
Quality   (max 25)21
Price   (max 15)12
Overall   (max 100)79%


Keestrack Frontier Mobile Screener Video
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The Keestrack branded box.
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Good detailing of the supports for the vibrating screen.
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Detail underneath.
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The belt for oversize materials stretches out.
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The fines belt exits the machine.
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Screen is perforated.
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Loading the Frontier onto a trailer.
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Hopper sides are folded in.
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Packed up small.
Keestrack is a Belgian Company founded in 1988 for the production of screening and crushing equipment.  It was the first company to offer machines with direct feed screens.

This model of the Keestrack Frontier Standard has been produced in China, but there is no information about the maker, or a model number. 

The real machine has an output of around 350 Tonnes per hour, depending on material and fractions required, and a transport weight of around 30 tonnes.


It comes well packaged in a branded box, but there is no information about the real machine included.  The review model was undamaged and had no missing parts.

There are no instructions for the model and there is no assembly to do.  The working features of the model are easy to understand.


The tracks are metal and are mounted on simple looking track frames which mirror the real machine, although there are no working rollers.

The body is metal and this makes the model heavy with a quality feel.  The hopper has a ribbed solid metal floor and this is the only part of the model without a working belt.  It probably would have looked better painted a different colour.  The hopper sides have a good structure with small hydraulic rams, and the drive motor and other mechanics are detailed in the casting underneath.

The main body is cast well with various grilles around the sides and some sharp and detailed graphics, and it would have been nice if there had been a few more graphics applied.  In the middle the screen is detailed in a pleasing way with the suspension for the vibrating bed looking good.  The screen is a metal part with perforations.

The three folding belts are modelled very well.  They have real rubber belts which feel (and smell!) realistic.  The structures have casting details, and there are hydraulic lines which add an authentic touch.  Some of the rivets used have large silver heads and these would have looked better either painted or as smaller friction rivets.  Various rollers are red, and many of them work.


The tracks roll well and the idler wheels on the frames can be pressed in a little to make removing the tracks easier.

The hopper sides fold up and can be interlocked for when the screener is operating, or folded down for when the screener is being transported.

The fines belt is hinged sideways for transport and can be folded up and out for operational use.  The mid size and over size belts fold up and over, and the mechanisms on all belts work very well. 

All of the belts can be made to roll using fingers and they have a good tension when they are folded out for use.

The model is flexible in that it can be displayed set up working or as a very good transport load on a suitable vehicle.


The model is solid and well made with very little plastic used.  The paint is applied well and the graphics are very good.


The model is very good value given the metal content and functionality.


Keestrack have commissioned and interesting model of one of their products and have taken the unusual route of having it made directly rather than through an established model maker.  The result is a success.  It looks very good, works well and is highly recommended.


The Keestrack Frontier first appeared in 2011 and was made in an initial run of 1000 models.
 To ask about buying this model contact Keestrack: info@keestrack.net.
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The hopper sides are folded up.
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The material belt for mid size arisings.
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All belts extended.
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Metal tracks are good and are mounted on simple track frames.
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Being loaded by a Hitachi ZX870 - a bit large for the screener.
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The Cranes Etc team are having an argument about putting too much oversize material in.
Folded for transport.
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Loaded on a Doll Trailer.
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It makes a great transport load.