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Soilmec SR-70 Piling Rig

Maker:  Unknown
Model No:  SMC001
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  December 2007

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)24
Features   (max 20)15
Quality   (max 25)20
Price   (max 15)11
Overall   (max 100)77%


Ready to drill using a drilling bucket.
The Soilmec  box does not indicate the model maker.
Click to visit the Soilmec website
The only additional parts are a metal key for operating the winch and two pieces of plastic looking for a use.
Internal cab details are very good.
Very good hydraulic lines.
The mast head has metal pulleys.
It can be made very compact.
Solimec are an Italian company that makes a variety of foundation equipment.  The Soilmec SR-70 Hydraulic Rotary Rig is a 75 tonne class machine which can be reduced to a minimum 55 tonnes for transport by removing the counterweight, tracks and kelly bar.  It can construct piles up to 2.5m diameter and up to 77m deep and can be rigged to drill with a Continuous Flight Auger (CFA). To see a photo of the real machine click here.

Foundation machines have been relatively rare in terms of mass produced scale models, with relatively few hand built models available.


The model comes in a conventional box with an outer cardboard sleeve containing an expanded polystyrene tray and lid.  Inside the model is fully reeved and needs no assembly.  The only other parts are a key for operating the winches and a couple of pieces of plastic which do not have an obvious use.

There are no instructions provided and although the model is not complicated a sheet with diagrams would be helpful to the novice collector.  The review model was well packed and was undamaged.


Commencing with the undercarriage, the track frames are metal and well detailed and include steps to provide operator access to the cab.  The idlers are not separate rollers but rely on the tracks just passing across the casting.  The tracks are metal and are finely made.

Overall the body has a clean cut and pleasing appearance.  The detail in the cab is very good with controls, computer screen and a fire extinguisher (although it is black). There are no mirrors or windscreen wipers and the debris guard is plastic.  Behind the cab the body has good detail including grilles and panel handles, and there is a metal access ladder to the roof.  At the rear the Soilmec name is pleasingly in relief within the casting of the counterweight.  On the side opposite the operator's cab the bodywork is marred slightly by the hole needed for the winch key and an opening panel to gain access the winch would have been better.  There is also a small mirror on the top of the body but it lacks a mirrored surface.

The connection to the mast is via a complex parallelogram system and this is modelled very well with most parts in metal.  A large number of realistic hydraulic lines run from the front of the body via the parallelogram and into the rotary head.  The mast is in four pieces and is all in metal.  The bottom piece is short and would have been better with a base plate to support the mast during drilling.  The middle and largest section includes some silver hydraulic lines which run to the crowd cylinder (this pushes the rotary head down during drilling).  The mast head consists of another short length of mast and the head itself.  There is some intricate modelling on the mast head and the pulleys are metal.

The rotary head is another complex component and includes two hydraulic motors which are modelled in plastic.  The kelly bar guide is metal but the kelly bar itself is plastic - one of the few such parts on the model.  A large diameter metal drilling bucket is provided which has impressive teeth.


The metal tracks are freewheeling and unusually they are not mounted on a spring loaded frame so removal of the tracks is more difficult.  The track frames are extendible so the model can be posed well in transport configuration with the tracks closed in, and with the tracks spread the model is stable when posed for drilling.

The mast breaks into four hinged sections to allow folding for transport.  When erected for drilling the rotary head and kelly bar guide slide easily up and down the mast.  Two working winches are provided.  One is operated via a metal key through a hole in the body and controls the kelly bar which can be winched up or down.  The second has to be operated by a finger on the winch drum cheeks and controls the service hoist.  The drilling bucket can be rotated although the kelly bar has limited movement in this regard. 

Skilled collectors will be able to dismantle the model a little further than appears to be intended.  It is possible to disconnect the bucket from the kelly bar with a little work on the connecting pin.  Also the kelly bar can be removed by easing out a metal retaining clip at the top.  With a bit more work again it is possible to disconnect the crowd cylinder from the rotary head to allow the smallest transport configuration.


Soilmec have commissioned a very good quality model.  The casting and detailing is good and the model has pleasing functionality.  Paintwork and lettering is also very good and there is an absence of plastic.


The model was relatively difficult to find when first introduced.  It is good value.


This model is a very good addition to a relatively under populated part of the construction scale model market.  It looks great posed either for transport or during drilling operations.  With a few minor amendments the model could have been first class.  Some refinement in how parts are connected would have allowed a complete strip down for transport.  Detachable drilling tools and a removable counterweight would have been great, and opening doors to allow access to winches would have equalled the best of modern model standards.  With that said, the Soilmec SR-70 is certainly a highly recommended model.


The model first appeared at BAUMA in April 2007.  t was available at retailers from September 2007.

Well wrapped inside the box.
The drilling bucket.
You should not walk within the swinging radius!
It looks great when viewed from a tower crane.
Very good metal tracks and frames.
Plenty of intricate hydraulic hosing.
Folded for transport with the extendible tracks pushed in.
Another great load for a Goldhofer low loader.