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XCMG QAY200 Mobile Crane

Maker:  Unknown
Model No:  n/a
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  August 2007

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)6
Detail   (max 30)20
Features   (max 20)14
Quality   (max 25)17
Price   (max 15)9
Overall   (max 100)66%


Out of the box the crane looks like the heavy model that it is. Sadly the ballast weights are not designed to be removed.
XCMG box gives away few details about the model.
Out of the box there are only a few pieces.
Steering axles all working.  Tyres look a bit thin though.
Chunky hook, brass pulleys.
Fly jib is detailed and adjustable to enable an offset.
On the road.
This is a model of a 6 axle 200 tonne mobile crane produced by the Chinese Original Equipment Manufacturer XCMG.  Distribution of these models around the world has been relatively limited.


The model comes in a picture box containing two expanded polystyrene trays which hold the model.  Although the quality of the packaging seems good, with individual pieces being wrapped with soft sheeting, it did not prevent damage occurring to the model.  The spare wheel and two of the finer pieces of detail became detached although they were readily glued back into position.  The model also comes with a poorly printed instruction sheet but as this appears to be in Mandarin most non-Chinese collectors will get little value from it.


The model is heavy and first impressions are that it has plenty of detail.  Underneath the model is finely detailed with prop shafts, suspension and chassis all rendered well.  The wheels have plastic hubs and the tyres have treads although they seem a little thin for the size of the crane.

Outrigger pads are metal and well detailed. At the front of the carrier, the driving cab has grab handles, a roof rack, an orange beacon light and windscreen wipers.  Strangely for all this detail, there are no door mirrors. The front has a loop for attaching the hook during transport.  Behind the driving cab is an effective looking exhaust with a perforated muffler.  There is also a plastic fuel tank and air intake which complement the overall impression of detail.  Further back the carrier deck has a textured walkway and at the rear there are painted light arrays and a spare wheel.

The crane cab has a windscreen wiper and light, and good details within the casting for the door hinges and handles.  Internally the seat and controls are modelled.  The rest of the crane body continues the theme of detail within the casting including steps and various other items.  The exhaust pipe is modelled in metal.  At the back the counterweight slabs appear separately made and have lifting lugs.  The two additional cheek weights are solid pieces with no means of attaching lifting chains.  The counterweight hangs from the rear of the crane structure and this part contains two winch drums and also the counterweight lift cylinders each with an orange beacon light.

The main boom is a six section telescope and the lowest section benefits from some detail within the casting and also a plastic rope roller at the top.  Unusually for a model crane the hydraulic cylinder jacket is metal and this is a superior detail.  At the jib head there are brass pulleys in a bank of two and a bank of six but these are each solid pieces so individual pulleys do not roll separately.  A large metal hook block is provided but surprisingly it only contains one brass pulley which is a little disappointing. 

A large folding fly jib is provided and it is all metal and well made.  The casting of the lattice work is very good and it contains singe brass pulleys in various locations and it is a pity that some of these were not used to make up the banks of pulleys in the main jib head.


The axles are linked such that the front three axles turn together and the rear pair are also linked together.  Axle four is fixed.  A reasonable lock can be obtained on the steering axles but it is the design of the steering linkages which prevent a good hard lock being achieved.

The outrigger beams are two stage metal and pull out smoothly.  The pads can be screwed down but the threads are a little short so the pads really need to bear down on some spreader beams or plates to support the crane.

On the crane the operator's cab tilts and the crane body rotates, although this is very stiff on the review model and there is no obvious access to a central screw which might be loosened to allow a freer movement.  At the rear the counterweight slabs are screwed into place with inaccessible screws under one of the winch drums. It seems the slabs are not really designed to be removable.  The cheek weights fit into slots in the main counterweight block in a trouble free way.

Two winch drums are provided and both are strung although only one hook is provided with the model.  On the review model one drum was excessively tight and the other excessively loose. The telescoping boom opens quite smoothly and the all-metal hydraulic ram that lifts the boom is a good piece of model engineering.  The fly jib has a folding section and it is possible to remove this piece completely.  There is also an adjustment mechanism on the main fly jib which allows an offset to be fixed at two different angles.


This model represents something of a mixed bag.  The quality of the casting and detailing is good and there is a reasonably frugal use of plastic.  The paintwork is not quite top quality with a few minor nicks on the review model, but the lettering and artwork is fine. I n terms of the model engineering, overall it is not high quality.  Some of the moving parts are not smooth and the single piece pulley blocks in the boom head are not to modern model standards.


It is a reasonably priced model for what is offered although the relatively limited distribution of the model has probably held the price a little on the high side.


It is always interesting to see a model from someone other than one of the established makers and this is no exception.  Overall it is a good model.  Certainly heavy, and with plenty of detail.  Some aspects though reflect the relative immaturity of the maker in terms of the minor damage to the model in the box, the lack of international instructions and certain aspects of the model engineering.  With that said it looks good and collectors will generally be satisfied.


The model first appeared at a very limited number of retailers in 2006.

Well wrapped inside the box.
A simple instruction sheet.  If you can read Chinese that is.
Outrigger beams are metal as are the pads.
A full counterweight setup including the cheek weights.
Ready for action.
Good detail on the carrier.