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Precast Bridge Box Girder Load

Maker:  Weiss Brothers
Model No:  016
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  February 2018

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Precast Bridge Box Girder Load - Video  [Youku Video]
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The box.
Weiss website
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Detailed segment edges.
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Stands high on a trailer.
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A test for a low loader.
Looks impressive.
On site.
A lifting frame fitted.  The frame is not included with the model.
Lifting with the frame.

This load is a precast concrete bridge segment.


It comes in a simple box with a label showing the part being lifted. Inside the box, the part is held in black foam rubber. 

There were no defects or missing parts on the review model. 

There is no information included about the load.

Detail and Features

The segment is made out of resin rather than metal, but even so is relatively heavy so it needs a large sized crane to lift it, which is appropriate as a large crane would be needed in real life. 

The casting detail is very good and has an interlocking pattern on each side.  The stressing ducts are formed but they are not continuous holes.  However there are two larger holes which are continuous through the segment which opens up the possibility of connecting more than one segment.

At the ends, reinforcement bars are modelled. 

Four bolts with lifting eyes and nuts are included, but no lifting tackle.  The box picture shows strops from a Weiss Brothers lifting kit being used and this solution works well enough on the model.  In reality this method of lifting is unusual because of the risk of local crushing of the concrete adjacent to the bolts caused by the inclined strops.  A specialised lifting frame is often used.

The load is large and heavy but will sit on a suitable low bed trailer or other transport.  It looks very good suspended from a crane.

Quality and Price

It is a nice quality piece with appropriate detailing.   It is reasonably priced for a large specialist load.


This is an interesting and impressive load.  It looks very good paired with a heavy crane or suitable haulage.


The model first appeared in 2017.
Click to see large photo
Large and impressive piece.
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In the box.
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Strand holes are not complete, but two large holes are provided.  Lifting bolt shown fitted.
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Reinforcement bars.
Lifting with strops.  The strops are not included with the model.
Manitowoc MLC650 handles the load with ease.