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Komatsu WE 1850 Wheel Loader

Maker:  Weiss Brothers
Model No:  034
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  March 2024

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Mining Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 7
Detail   (max 30) 28
Features   (max 20) 16
Quality   (max 25) 23
Price   (max 15) 9
Overall   (max 100) 83%


Komatsu WE 1850 Wheel Loader Video 
The box.
Where to buy
Impressively large.
High detail.
Heavy loader arms.
Massive front axle.
Detailed bucket.
Profile view.
Detailed cab.
Decent height of lift.
Opening cab doors.
At work.

The Komatsu WE 1850 is an ultra class wheel loader intended to load mining trucks with payloads in the 240 to 360 ton range.  It has an operational weight of around 270 tonnes.


It comes in a Komatsu branded box.   Inside, the model is contained between a pair of factory-sealed expanded polystyrene trays. 

There were no defects or missing parts on the review model.

There is some assembly of handrails and lights to do, but there are no instructions.  However, it is reasonably straightforward.


Underneath, the model has some  detail including folded ladders.  The tyres are of large well moulded rubber with a deep tread. They are mounted on metal hubs which have tiny safety notices printed on.

At the rear, the huge radiator block is protected by a fine mesh screen.  Behind the screen there is another screen in front of the radiators.  Also at the rear is a towing hitch bar.

On the left side there is a powered access stair which has excellent mesh steps. A stair rises up to cab level and there are metal handrails throughout. Detailed equipment is modelled under the platform and the visible engine modelling looks good. There is a fire extinguisher outside the cab and a large bank of detailed equipment in front of the rear wheel. Large hydraulic hoses cross the pivot point and tiny graphics and grab rails add detail.

On the right side is another access step and more detailed equipment. A full length ladder rises up to the cab.

Outside the cab are excellent mesh platforms. The operator's cab has air horns and air conditioning equipment on the roof, and a light bar with excellent mirrors.  The inside of the cab is fully detailed.

The roof of the engine compartment has a textured surface and two chunky metal exhaust stacks protrude which reside in a mesh enclosure.  Other equipment and cabinets are modelled.  

At the front, the 40yd³bucket is a large heavy piece with excellent teeth.  It also has a pair of lifting eyes and the top has a serrated window to enable the operator to see better what is in front of the machine.  The weight of the bucket is indicated on one side. The linkage arms are heavily built with fine pipe work and hose detailing, and lifting eyes. 

The main lift cylinders have excellent hydraulic hosing leading to realistic connectors.  The cylinder jackets are plastic with a very good colour match.  Just in front of the cab are some first class mesh walkways and hand rails, and lighting stalks on each side contain silvered lights.


The wheels roll well. The rear axle is 'floating' and allows all wheels to be remain grounded on a rough surface

Steering across the pivot point achieves a good angle.

The bucket can be posed with very good cut and carry angles. Raising the bucket works well with the rams being very stiff so any pose can be held.  The 'dump' angle is a little too shallow compared to the real machine. 

Both cab doors open.

At the rear, the main access stair can be lowered and raised. 

The radiator cover opens, and a further inside cover also opens.

Under the pivot point two small ladders can be slid out from their holders to an in-use position.

The model has not been designed to facilitate being used as a transport load.  However, a skilled collector may be able to attempt some partial dismantling to pose some parts as loads.


This a high quality model with a high metal content, and plastic used appropriately to provide detailing.

The paint and graphics are excellent.


It is a large and very detailed model and this is reflected in the price.


This version of a Komatsu ultra class wheel loader maintains the high standard of previous models in terms of detailing and functionality.  It looks great in a mini diorama with a suitable mining truck as companion.


This model was first announced in February 2024.
Tipping angle is shallow.
Very good carry angle on the bucket.
Pivot point is very detailed.
Excellent mesh walkways and stairs.
Excellent equipment.
Opening radiator covers.
Rear stair lowered.
Carrying rocks.
Looks great with a mining truck.