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Mammoet Generator Load Set

Maker:  Weiss Brothers
Model No:  410216
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  May 2017

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Mammoet Generator Load Set - Video  [Youku Video]
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The Mammoet branded box.
Weiss website
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Large lifting beam.
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The full set in use.
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Tiny graphics add detail.
Preparing the lift
Attaching the slings.
Up in the air.

This set provides a large load intended for use with a heavy crane.


The set comes in a high quality Mammoet branded box, with the parts wrapped in soft paper, and all held in an expanded polystyrene tray. 

There were no defects or missing parts on the review set. 

There is no information included with the set. However assembly of the full lifting arrangement is relatively straightforward.

Detail and Features

Spreader beams are included and they are metal with a very good finish, and the capacity is marked with graphics.  There is a 100 ton beam and two 50 ton tubular beams

Also in the set are nylon rope slings and web slings in appropriate lengths.  They are nicely made parts.  There are diecast shackles rated at 120 tons.  These are high quality parts with working screw locking bolts.  However as they are diecast they will not bend so care has to be taken when using them.

The beams and slings could be used to lift other loads, or as haulage loads.

The generator load comes mounted on two legs which are screwed in place, and these should be removed to display the load suspended.

The generator is a substantial piece made up of a number of components.  Various grades of plastic are used and the overall effect is impressive.  Graphics are used to add detail, and some of these are very small and detailed.

Quality and Price

This is a high quality set.   It is very large and in part that accounts for the level of pricing.


Owners of big model cranes will welcome the chance to own a realistic and impressive load.  Weiss Brothers have done a very good job with this piece.


The set was released at ConExpo in 2017.
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Large and impressive load.
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In the box.
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On site.  It towers over the Cranes Etc team.
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Tubular beam and shackles.
All tightened up and ready to lift.
Manitowoc MLC650 stands by.