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Truck Set - M Brunner

Maker:  WSI
Model No:  01-1446
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  April 2015

Heavy Transport Models Index
Low Loader Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)27
Features   (max 20)15
Quality   (max 25)19
Price   (max 15)10
Overall   (max 100)79%


Truck Set - Brunner Luzern Video  [YouKu Video]
Shrink wrapped black presentation box.
The parts.
Big Actros.
Detailed chassis. 
Tilting cab.
Imposing Scania.
Another detailed chassis.
Angle of tilting cab is shallow.
Sharp looking Volvo cab.
Reasonable steering angle is possible.
Wells between the rear axles.
Detailed Volvo engine.
Proportional steering on the Interdolly.
Extended deck.
Volvo hauling a Hitachi excavator without the interdolly.
Brothers in arms.
Comment on this model.

This set comprises three tractors and a Nooteboom 5-axle EURO-PX + 2-axle ICP trailer.  The tractors are an 8x6 Mercedes-Benz Actros, an 8x4 Scania R 620 and a 6x4 Volvo FH.

The set is in the colours of M Brunner, a Swiss group founded in 1969, and based in Lucerne.

The model has been commissioned by Heavy Transport Models and is made by WSI.


The packaging is a plain WSI-branded presentation box with the models held in high quality foam. 

There were no missing parts or damage on the review model. 

No instructions are included.


The Mercedes-Benz Actros MP3 L has a detailed transmission and suspension, with detailed wheels having different tyres on the steering and non-steering axles.  The cab has beacon lights on the roof, colour-coded door mirrors and a number plate.  Under the cab the engine has Mercedes-Benz on it.  Behind the cab the equipment tower is plastic and very detailed, including coiled lines and wheel chocks. Anti-slip surfacing extends to fifth wheel, and at the back the lights have plastic lenses and there is a towing hitch.

The Scania R Highline also has the transmission and suspension detailed really well and there are different tyres on the steering and non-steering axles.  It has a realistic number plate but the door mirrors are not colour-coded on this tractor.  The cab interior is fairly plain but under the cab is a detailed engine. The equipment tower is also plastic and detailed.  Tanks and hoses are modelled.  Coiled air lines and anti-slip surfacing extends to the fifth wheel, the wheel arches are plastic, and at the back the lights have plastic lenses and there is a number plate.

The Volvo 6x2 FH3 GL unit has detailing of the chassis which is very good and again there are different tyre tread patterns on the driven axles.  At the front the cab has a fine mesh grille, and the lights are good.  The mirrors are colour-coded and there is a beacon light light bar on the roof.  There are authentic number plates.  Behind the cab, there are coiled lines, and the fuel tank is modelled well.  Plastic wheel arches cover the rear wheels and the rear lights have individual plastic lenses.

The graphics on all three tractors are sharp and detailed.

The trailer is made up of the gooseneck, a 2-axle interdolly, a low loader deck, and 5-axle Pendel X module.

The gooseneck is a metal part.  The control console on the left side has tiny graphics.  At the rear a set of hoses / cables are ready to plug into the interdolly or deck.   Plastic width markers can be clipped on.

The 2-axle interdolly has detailed wheels and the authentic look is highlighted by the use of many tiny graphics, and on top the painting of the casting highlights the bolt heads around the access plates. 

The 5-axle unit is similarly detailed.  It features a deep central trough which is an advantage of this trailer design so that the boom of a transported load can be folded low.   A marker board assembly fits top.

The deck is a metal part with an inlaid plastic deck surfacing.  Plastic fold-out supports hold the replica timber deck width extensions.  Optional deck posts are metal.


The Actros has linked steering which achieves a limited range of movement.  The cab tilts forward to about 45 and can just pose in the tilted position.  At the rear a funnel and pin can be attached in the towing hitch.

The Scania's linked steering has a similar limited range as the Actros.  The cab has a more limited range of movement but it poses easily.

The Volvo has steering with a moderate range of movement and the tilting cab tilts well forward to reveal a more detailed engine than the other tractors.

The trailer gooseneck has stiff working cylinders so different angles can be set.  It can be connected to the interdolly or deck.  However on the review model the rams on the gooseneck were adjusted by trimming the pistons and jackets to allow an improved range of movement. Also the locking clip was not reliable when attaching the gooseneck to the interdolly but this was improved with some packing.

The 2-axle module has parallel steering but no sprung suspension.  However the wheel sets can be posed out of service or lowered.  

The steering is proportional on the 5-axle module and it has very good sprung suspension.  The steering mechanism works reasonably well although it is not as precise as some previous versions of the model.

The deck can be configured with width extensions and deck posts, and it is also extendible. 


The tractors are all high quality models.  The Nooteboom trailer is mainly metal and is good quality.

The paintwork is very good and the Brunner graphics are very good.


The model is reasonable value for a limited edition.


This is an interesting and good looking heavy haulage set which is presented well.  The tractors look very good, and the Nooteboom trailer provides interesting posing possibilities albeit the gooseneck requires some effort to get it to pose properly. 


The model appeared in February 2015.

Inside the box.
The set.
Shallow steering.
Heavy tractor.
Detailed tower.
Classic Scania.
Distinctive wheel arches.
Detailed tower.
The lightest of the tractors in the set.
Detailed gooseneck and interdolly.
Good details at the rear.
Interdolly raised out of service.
Deck width extensions.
Fitted with deck posts.
Scania pulls a Soilmec foundation rig.
Actros hauling a big Liebherr excavator.