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Volvo FH4 + Bulk Trailer - Reijnders

Maker:  WSI
Model No:  01-2196
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  September 2017

WSI Index
Commercial Truck Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 7
Detail   (max 30) 27
Features   (max 20) 16
Quality   (max 25) 21
Price   (max 15) 11
Overall   (max 100) 82%


Volvo FH4 + Bulk Trailer - Reijnders  [Youku video]
WSI box.
Moderate steering angle.
Volvo engine.
Detailed chassis.
Excellent detail on the tanker.
Decent tipping angle.
Looks realistic.
Very nice Volvo cab.

The tractor is a Volvo FH4 Globetrotter 4x2 and the trailer is a bulk tanker tipping trailer.  

It is in the colours of Reijnders, a Dutch company specialising in the transport of coal products.


The packaging is the usual WSI-branded windowed box. 

There were no defects or missing parts on the review model.

No assembly is required other than attaching the truck and trailer.


The Volvo tractor has a detailed chassis with large tanks and exhaust, and the wheels are very detailed with different tyres on the front and rear axles.

The cab has nice small aerials on the roof and a realistic number plate.  It has coloured door mirrors.  The Reijnders colours scheme is simple and attractive.

Under the cab is a detailed engine bearing the Volvo name.

Coiled lines and an anti-slip surfaced plate adds detail, and there are nice side skirts. 

The trailer is a top quality model.  Looking underneath the axles have a detailed suspension with good tyres and smart wheels.  Other parts of the structure including the storage box and spare wheel holder are nicely modelled in plastic.  The metal chassis structure is good and side lights and wheel chocks add interest.

The tank artwork has very high quality graphics.  The pipework and hoses are plastic but this has allowed some intricate detailing.  The walkway on the top has a textured surface and the valves and hatches look convincing.

At the back the lights have plastic lenses and there are tiny side lights.


The Volvo has steering with a limited range of movement.

The cab tilts forward to about 45 and can pose in the tilted position. 

The trailer has working suspension with each axle individually sprung.

The landing legs at the front can be lowered to support the trailer when disconnected from a tractor, and no unsightly screw threads are visible.  Stabilisers at the rear can be lowered to provide stability during tipping.

The tank can be tipped to a reasonable angle and the cylinders will hold any pose.

The access ladder at the rear can be folded down.


This model is high quality with plastic used appropriately. 

The paintwork and graphics are to a high standard.


The model is reasonable value.


WSI Models produces many commercial truck models in addition to their heavy haulage range, and this model illustrates why they are popular.   The quality is high and it looks great.


The model appeared in August 2017.

Smart paint job.
On the road.
Usual high standard of chassis.
Spare wheel underneath.
Stands well on the landing legs.
High detail.
Attractive model.