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Volvo FH2 + Palfinger PK 85002 + Dennison Trailer - Aylward

Maker:  WSI
Model No:  02-1630
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  February 2015

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)27
Features   (max 20)17
Quality   (max 25)21
Price   (max 15)11
Overall   (max 100)83%


Volvo FH2 + Palfinger PK 85002 + Dennison Trailer - Aylward Video.  [Youku Video]
The box.
Impressive Volvo. Steering angle is limited.
Excellent graphics.
Detailed chassis.
Fifth wheel position is adjustable.
Trailer chassis is also very detailed.
Extended trailer with deck posts fitted.
Unloading tower crane sections.
Partially extended.
Reaching high.
Comment on this model.

The truck is a Volvo FH2 with a Palfinger PK 85002 Loader Crane.  The trailer is a 3-axle Dennison Extendible version. 

It is in the colours of the Irish heavy haulage company Aylward which was established in 1981. 


It comes in a WSI-branded windowed box with the model contained in an expanded polystyrene tray with plastic formers. 

There were no missing parts on the review model but one of outrigger legs was partially disassembled.  It was easily fixed.

An instruction brochure is included and this covers all the versions of WSI's Palfinger model range.  It explains the features of the crane well.  Also included is a numbered collector card with a photo of the real truck although this was missing from the review model and was sent on separately.


The Volvo chassis is a 8x4 with the transmission and suspension modelled to a high standard although there was a little bit of untidy gluing on the review model.  The wheels are very detailed with different tyres on the steering and driven axles.

The cab has a light bar and beacon lights on the roof with another light bar at the front.  All the spotlights are jewelled. There is a realistic number plate and the Aylward graphics are very good.

The cab interior is reasonable and it has the correct right hand drive.  Under the cab is a detailed engine with different coloured components.

At the back the lights have plastic lenses and there is a plastic clip-type towing hitch.  The rear outrigger beams have metal pads.

The Palfinger looks very good with many tiny graphics.  The outriggers are two-stage and the pistons are smooth with metal pads.  An additional set of small square plates is also included.

The control consoles are detailed with tiny levers and the base section has various boxes around it.  The boom sections are thin-wall metal, with a stiff profile.  The final boom section has a small fixed metal hook.

The trailer has a textured deck to represent the hardwood of the original, and metal deck posts can be installed if required, although it can take some effort to get them to stand straight. 

Underneath, the modelling of the chassis is very good.  The intricate structure is replicated very well, and there is cabling running the length of the trailer.  The suspension detailing is very good.  At the front, the landing legs have a winding handle.  The side protection bars ahead of the wheels is plastic.  The wheels are finely detailed.

When the trailer is extended, the truss structure is revealed and it is a fine piece of modelling.  The sections are thin and realistically shaped.  The central piston has a spring outside to represent a coiled cable.

The trailer sits a little high on the fifth wheel of the Volvo meaning that the front axle of the trailer is not quite grounded, although this is hardly visible in most poses.


The Volvo has linked steering on the front although it is stiff with a very limited range of movement.

The cab tilts forward to about 45 and can be posed in the tilted position. 

The fifth wheel can be adjusted longitudinally.

The front outriggers travel in the upright position and can be telescoped out, rotated and pinned, and the pads lowered.  The rear outriggers can be extended and lowered.

The Palfinger rotates fairly smoothly.

The boom unfolds with the rams being moderately stiff but there is some looseness at certain positions and the crane would not hold much load.  The boom telescoping sections extend well and generally hold a pose.  

The trailer has spring loaded suspension on the axles, and the landing legs can be screwed up and down.

Extending the trailer is a smooth operation and it can be posed at any extension which mirrors the incremental extension capability of the real trailer.

The trailer can have deck posts fitted or left off.


This model is high quality and is well engineered and made.  The metal content is very high. 

The paintwork and graphics are generally very good, with one very small area of poor painting on the Palfinger of the review model.


The model is reasonable value bearing in mind the very limited edition.


This is a really nice truck model with both the Palfinger and extendible trailer providing many posing possibilities. Only the limited steering on the Volvo and the high fifth wheel detract a little, but overall it is an outstanding model.


The model was commissioned by Modelmania and appeared in January 2015. The run was 150 models
The parts and instruction manual.
On the road.  The first axle of the trailer is not quite grounded.
Impressive Palfinger.
Is it real?
Tilting cab reveals a detailed engine.
Realistic number plates.
Fully extended trailer.
Loaded with tower crane sections.
Set up to unload the beams.