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MAN TGX XXL + 6-axle Trailer + Transformer - Mammoet

Maker:  WSI
Model No:  02-2030
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  March 2020

WSI Index
Extendible Trailer Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 8
Detail   (max 30) 26
Features   (max 20) 17
Quality   (max 25) 21
Price   (max 15) 11
Overall   (max 100) 83%


MAN TGX XXL + 6-axle Trailer + Transformer - Mammoet Video  [Youku Video]
Mammoet branded box.
Attractive Mammoet colours.
8x4 chassis.
Number plate and MAN on the wheel arches.
Under the trailer.
Detailed rear end.
Extended trailer.
Transformer is big.
Tiny graphics add detail.
Loaded with crane parts.
Great as part of a fleet.
Transformer lifted with inventive rigging.

This is a model of a MAN TGX XXL + 6-axle Trailer + Transformer.  The trailer is a Broshuis amd the model is in the colours of Mammoet, the Dutch heavy lifting and transport company.

There is no information about the transformer, but it may be heavy for the trailer capacity.


The model comes in a Mammoet-branded outer box, and inside the truck is held between clear plastic formers within an expanded polystyrene tray.  The transformer is held within its own foam pakaging.

There were no defects or missing parts on the review model. 

There is no information about the real truck.  An information sheet describes the Broshuis trailer model, and also has information about the real trailer. A Mammoet Collector Card is included and it has a unique serial number.


The MAN tractor is an 8x4 with a high quality chassis and suspension and transmission parts modelled in metal.  The wheels have different tyres on the front and rear axles, and the highlighted hubs are attractive.

The MAN cab has beacon lights and a light bar on the roof.  There are windows above the cab doors. The windscreen has a graphic which appears to be a wind turbine.  The Mammoet decoration looks great and includes a fleet number. 

Behind the cab there is a detailed equipment tower which has a fan in mesh enclosure.  There are coiled air lines and the wheel arches are plastic.  At the rear the lights have plastic lenses.

The Broshuis trailer consists of a gooseneck, bridge section and 6-axle trailer. 

The gooseneck has nice replica timber inlay and a textured surface.  There are many tiny graphics, and nice flexible hoses at the rear and two landing legs.  Warning markers press in, and box sides can be added if desired.  A plastic power pack is included.

The trailer has a detailed underside, with the suspension and steering modelled, and parts are highlighted in yellow.  The wheels are detailed and they have decent tyres.

Details along the edges of the bridge and trailer are very good with a stripe and tiny Broshuis graphics.  At the rear the lights and mud flap look realistic.  The rear stabilisers are modelled, but are not functional.  Two reflective plates can placed at the back.

A separate pack of metal deck posts are provided and these plug into holes in the deck edge and can be made to stand straight with some attention.  Plastic timbers can be fitted between the width extension beams in the deck edge.  Two pairs of marker boards can be attached to the gooseneck and the rear end of the trailer if required.

The transformer is a large resin part which has a well formed structure.  There is detailing too with bolt heads on blanking plates and tiny graphics.  There appear to be four lifting points but they are not useable without attaching fixings.


The MAN has linked steering on the front two axles with a limited range of movement. 

The cab tilts to reveal a detailed engine.

The gooseneck has landing legs which can be unscrewed and lowered, although it would be better if they could be raised higher.   The trailer connection angle is controlled by rams which are reasonably stiff. 

The storage box sides and deck posts can be fitted to the gooseneck.  Marker boards can be fitted for normal transport or wide loads.  The generator can be placed if required.

All the axles have effective working suspension with good movement. 

The trailer has linked steering on the front two axles, and separate linked steering on the rear four axles which is proportional.

The trailer has an extending beam.

The trailer can have deck posts fitted.  For wider loads there is a load floor width adjustment and this works with tiny extension beams which can be pulled out and then replica timber beams can be laid between them. 

Various marker boards can be fitted at the rear of the trailer.

The truck can be configured without the bridge section if required.

The transformer can be used as a load.  It can also be posed being lifted by crane with the imaginative use of rigging.


This is a high quality model with a high metal content.

The paintwork and graphics are of a very high standard.


The model is good value for a limited edition truck including a load.


This is a flexible addition to a Mammoet collection and goes well as a support vehicle for a mobile crane.


The model was released in October 2017.

On the road with transformer loaded.
The parts.
Detailed tower behind the cab.
Fan in its own enclosure.
Detailed engine.
Generator pack on the gooseneck.
Width extensions  and deck posts can be added.
Impressive heavy haulage.
Transformer is made of resin.
On site.