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20ft Container - Autovictor

Maker:  WSI
Model No:  02-3340
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  February 2024

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20ft Container - Autovictor Video 
WSI branded box.
Excellent door detailing.
Good load for a truck.

This accessory is a standard 20ft shipping container.  It is in the colours of Autovictor, the Italian Heavy lifting and transport company.

It is a limited edition produced exclusively by the ModelMarris store.


The box style is high quality and is Autovictor branded. Inside the model is held in black foam rubber with a plastic lid. 

There were no defects on the review model.

Detail and Features

It is made of metal and so is a relatively heavy and solid piece.  The ribbed structure is modelled well, and the graphics are applied across the ribs very well.

The door detailing is very good with the locking mechanism highlighted and black edging to the doors.  The graphics are very sharp. 

The top connection points are not fully formed so you cannot hook on lifting chains.  They look realistic however with black paint to the holes.

Fork lift points are modelled on the bottom edge.

Quality and Price

It is a very good quality model which is reasonably priced.


It is a solid and robust accessory which adds to other models in the same colour scheme.


It was released in January 2024.

Ribbed structure is good.
Profile view.