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Vögele Super 1800-3 Tracked Paver

Maker:  WSI
Model No:  04-1078
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  February 2014

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 9
Detail   (max 30) 28
Features   (max 20) 18
Quality   (max 25) 23
Price   (max 15) 14
Overall   (max 100) 92%


Vögele Super 1800-3 Tracked Paver Video  [Youku video]
The Vögele branded box.
Impressive detail.
Excellent small graphics.
Texture on the walking surfaces inside the cab too.
Detailed control pad.
Extending canopy.
Top panel poses open.
Packed for transport.
At work.
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The Vögele Super 1800-3 Tracked Paver is a medium sized paver.  This 'Dash 3' version is one of the universal class of machines used for resurfacing roads and airfield pavements.

It has an operating weight of 17.3 tonnes and can pave widths of up to 8m with a laydown rate of 700 tonnes/h.


The box is Vögele-branded and it includes some specification information about the 1800-3 on the side.  Inside the model is contained within a pair of expanded polystyrene trays.

There were no defects or missing parts on the review model.

A very good quality manual is included and it describes the features of the model pictorially and with English text.


The underside is very detailed and really good considering it will hardly ever be seen.  The material screws are separate.  The tracks are metal with nice pads.

At the front the hopper belt is represented within the metal casting and the hopper sides are also metal with very sharp graphics.  There are functioning rollers for engaging the wheels of a discharging tipper and a towing hitch with a pin.

The body has deep grilles with a metal exhaust and light supports.  Excellent small graphics make the engine cover appear very realistic.  Under the various opening panels a detailed engine is modelled of a number components. 

The operator's station has a textured floor, a finely detailed console and two seats and there are even graphics .  There is a glazed windscreen with wipers, and the side doors are glazed too.  The canopy above is metal and the attached mirrors include the 'PaveDock Assistant' traffic lights.  The handrails are realistically thin and include stalks with lights and a really good speed limit sign.  There is also a hose drum.

The screed has really good textured surfaces and more metal handrails.  The cylinders to extend the screed are two stage but have been modelled as a single piece which is an acceptable modelling compromise.  Each end of the screed has a console and these are finely detailed.   The detailed look is enhanced by more small graphics around the screed edges.


The tracks roll easily and are spring loaded to maintain tension.

The material screws can be rotated.

The hopper sides can close in to force material onto the belt and that includes folding front flaps.

Both operator's seats can be rotated out to provide a better view forwards, and the roof canopy above can be extended to provide shelter. 

The mirrors on the canopy can be rotated to reduce the transport width.

The operator's console can move on a rail from side to side.

The screed can be raised and lowered, and can be extended on both sides for width.

Panels on each side can be opened to provide access to the engine.  The top panel also opens and can be posed in the open position.

The canopy roof can be lowered to provide a reduced headroom for travelling on a transport vehicle.


This model is very high quality with a high metal content. 

The paintwork and graphics are excellent.


The model is very good value for what it offers.


This is another excellent model of the Vögele 1800-3 and it shows again what can really be achieved in 1:50 scale.  No question it is an outstanding model.


The model was first seen at BAUMA 2013 and became available at the end of 2013.  A wheeled version was also produced as model 04-1077.

A manual is included.
Profile view.
The 'PaveDock Assistant' traffic lights attached to the canopy.
Very detailed underneath and nice tracks.
Seats swing out.
Ready to lay.
Opening panel.
Another opening side panel.
Busy worksite.