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Jointark Power DT2000 Tracked Paver

Maker:  WSI
Model No:  61-2004
Scale:  1:32
Review Date:  June 2019

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 8
Detail   (max 30) 21
Features   (max 20) 18
Quality   (max 25) 19
Price   (max 15) 10
Overall   (max 100) 76%


Jointark Power DT2000 Tracked Paver Video  [Youku video]
Large box.
Large model.
Plate compactor at the end of the screed.
Telescopic hopper.
Opening panel.
Detailed console.
Full extended configuration.

The Jointark Power DT2000 Tracked Paver is a large high output paver which can be configured with a variable wide screed.

It was used on construction of the Hong Kong - Macau bridge where it laid paving the full width of the bridge deck.  The advantage of full width paving is that it eliminates any longitudinal joints with resulting maintenance and quality advantages.


The box sleeve is Jointark-branded and encloses an expanded polystyrene tray and lid.  Inside, the model is protected by black foam and soft paper.  It is held in position by ties and a ribbon.

There were no defects or missing parts on the review model.

A large card poster showing the paver at work is included.  There is also a uniquely numbered collector card.


The underside has some detailing and the tracks are metal with nice pads.  The material spreading augers look good.

At the front the hopper belt is represented within the metal casting and the hopper sides are also metal as is the telescopic front section.  There are functioning rollers for engaging the wheels of a discharging tipper.

The body has nice finely perforated grilles, and the panels have silver hinges which appear to replicate those on the real machine.  Sharp graphics add to the realism.  The metal exhaust has a nice chromed finish. Under the various opening panels the engine is modelled. 

The operator's station has a detailed console and two seats.  There are glazed side panels and the canopy above is plastic. 

The large screed is mainly metal and has textured surfaces.  The support stays are metal with tension stays fixed to the screed ends.  There are plate compactors which can be fitted at each end of the screed, but there are no screed control consoles.


The tracks roll but were initially a little stiff.

The inner material screws can be rotated.

The hopper sides can close in to force material onto the belt and the telescopic section also moves.

Both operator's seats can be rotated out to provide a better view forwards, and the roof canopy above can be extended to provide shelter. 

The screed can be raised and lowered, but it is too heavy to hold a pose.  It can also be extended at both ends.  Plate compactors can be fitted.

Panels on each side can be opened to provide access to the engine.  The top panel also opens and can be posed in the open position.

The canopy roof can be lowered to provide a reduced headroom for travelling on a transport vehicle, although there is no easy way to take off the screed to reduce the transport width.


This model is very good quality with a high metal content.  There were some areas of untidy gluing on the review model.

The paintwork and graphics are very good.


The model is reasonable value given its large size.


This is an interesting model of an unusual Chinese paver, and it is good that the packaging makes linkage to its use on the exceptional Hong Kong to Macau bridge project.  It would make a very impressive  display if suitable sized trucks and compaction equipment could be found for it.


The model was first seen at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2019. A version was also produced in a blue and white colour scheme as model 61-2005.

Configured width out of the box.
Profile view.
Detailed cab area.
Another opening panel.
Opening engine cover.
Extending canopy, and seat rotates out.