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Scania Topline 4x2 with Nooteboom OSDS 3-axle

Maker:  WSI
Model No:  9570
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  January 2010

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)6
Detail   (max 30)26
Features   (max 20)16
Quality   (max 25)21
Price   (max 15)12
Overall   (max 100)81%


The Scania Topline 4x2 with Nooteboom OSDS 3-axle trailer in Nooteboom house colours.
The Nooteboom box.
The many bags of parts.
Nice exhausts at the rear.
Very good underside detail.
Good structure on the underside of the trailer.
Headboard panels fitted, two ramps, and the side extensions to the deck fitted.
Loaded with two pieces of access plant: a Haulotte H20 PX and a H15 SX.
The extendible deck opened up.
This is a model of a Nooteboom 3-axle OSDS semi low-loader designated the OSDS-48-03V(D).  In this nomenclature the 48 represents the total capacity of the trailer in tonnes and the 03 means that there are three rear axles.  These trailers have a low dead weight and are the workhorses of the lighter end of heavy haulage.  They are designed to carry loads such as construction plant, crane sections, and other equipment.  The version of the trailer modelled includes 4m double folding ramps.


The model comes in a Nooteboom branded box which is generic to the OSDS series.  Inside, the model is contained within an expanded polystyrene tray, with the truck held between clear plastic formers.  The review model was missing some deck extension consoles which are very small parts.  WSI posted the missing parts promptly to complete the model.

It would have been good if some information had been provided about the real trailer, and no instructions are supplied for the model.  There are quite a few separate parts supplied but most experienced collectors will have no problem identifying how to fix the pieces.


The tractor unit is a Scania Topline 4x2 and it looks very smart.  The detail on the chassis is of a high standard, with the suspension and transmission elements reproduced well.  Detail on the wheel hubs is excellent, and the tyre tread patterns look convincing with different tyres on the front and real axles.

The modelling of the cab is very pleasing with authentic looking lights which have individual lenses, and air horns on the roof.  The casting of the front grille is very crisp and some of the graphics applied are tiny, yet legible with a magnifying glass.  In particular there is a very small 'V8' sign close to the main headlights which is superb.  Other details are well thought out with nice door handles, number plates and very good door mirrors.  The cab has the unique reference number for this model which is T-003. 

Behind the cab, the exhaust stacks are very detailed with perforated mufflers.  An extensive diamond surfacing covers the rear of the tractor and at the back the lights have individual plastic lenses which look very good.

The trailer continues the high quality, high detail approach.  Underneath, the structure of the trailer is modelled very well.  The axles are very detailed with the suspension fully represented and there is hosing running to each wheel.  At the front a couple of landing legs and extendible width markers are nicely modelled.  The surface of the trailer is top quality with an excellent representation of a timber surface which has screw holes modelled, and the metal surfacing is textured well.

Details along the edges of the trailer are really nice with an accurately coloured yellow stripe and tiny tie down points modelled although they are not separate loops so cannot actually be used.  On one side there is a well detailed control console.

The gooseneck has connectors for lines from the tractor, and the deck includes the offset aluminium strip which is present in the real trailer. The unique reference number for the trailer is written on the gooseneck and for this model is OPL-002.

The trailer ramps are very nice parts.  They have neat restraining chains and the hydraulic cylinders have lines running from the jackets.  There is also a cylinder modelled for altering the spacing of the ramps. 

A separate pack of metal deck posts are provided and these plug into holes in the deck edge and enough are provided to use as an alternative to the headboard if required.  A couple of ramps are included to allow driven access up to the headboard area.  A pair of width markers attaches at the rear end of the trailer if required.  There is no spare wheel carried on the trailer.


The tractor unit has a steerable front axle but as with most WSI models the range of movement is limited which means it cannot be posed realistically turning sharply.  The cab tilts smoothly to a nice angle revealing a detailed plastic engine.

The trailer has plenty of features which will please collectors.  All the axles have effective working suspension which has a good movement, and the rear axle is self-steering and can adopt a very good angle.  At the front the landing legs can be screwed down, and the marker boards stowed under the gooseneck can be slid into position.  At the rear, a couple of hinged support legs can be rotated down if required.

The trailer bed can be extended to almost double its length, and there is a sliding cross beam too.  The ramp chains can be unhooked and the ramps fold down realistically to permit loading.

For wider loads the trailer has a load floor width adjustment and this works with tiny extension consoles which can be pulled out and then replica beams can be laid between them.  Other configuration options are provided by fitting or omitting the deck posts, and the same goes for the headboard.  The ramp plates for loading the gooseneck can also be added or left off as desired, as can the rear width marker boards. 


The overall quality level of the model is very high.  The castings are very good as is the detail level. The use of plastic has been carefully considered to add detail and the quality of the plastic is such that the look of the model is not compromised.

The paintwork and graphics are of a very high standard.


The model is very good value given the quality, features and detail.


Nooteboom trailer models have shown continued improvement, and the partnership with WSI is providing enhanced detail and functionality.  A particular point of note is the feature level on the trailer which offers a wide range of possibilities for the collector to display the model as desired.  This, coupled with the high detail level, means the model is outstanding.


The model first appeared in December 2009 and was made in an initial run of 300 models.  A four axle version of the trailer was made as WSI 9571.  A
version with a wind turbine hub load was introduced in May 2011.
The model inside the box.
The Scania Topline tractor looks very smart.
Tilting cab.
An impressive tractor and trailer combination.
Excellent details.
Width marker board and deck stakes fitted. Rear axle steers.
Loading the trailer.
Carrying an unusual load: a Liebherr 32K Mobile Tower Crane.