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FTF 6x4 - Mammoet

Maker:  WSI
Model No:  9839
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  July 2010

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)9
Detail   (max 30)25
Features   (max 20)14
Quality   (max 25)20
Price   (max 15)12
Overall   (max 100)80%


The historic FTF 6x4 Tractor in Mammoet colours.
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Very high quality box.
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Heavy suspension can be seen from the front.
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Air lines and fifth wheel.
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'Floor' marked mud flaps.
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Great details - the batteries.
The Floor Truck Factory (FTF) was a Dutch builder of heavy haulage that stopped production of tractor units in 1995.  Mammoet of Holland used FTF tractors in its business and this model is a 6x4 tractor which is the second in a series of 'Classics' that have been produced to celebrate the use of these old trucks.


The FTF comes in a very high quality presentation box.  Inside, the model is held within black foam and there are nice red ribbons to help lift it out of the box.  A Mammoet Certificate is provided which has a unique serial number.  There were no defects or missing parts on the review model, and no assembly is required.

The only thing missing is some information and photos of the original truck, as this would have enhanced the overall collectability of the model.


The underside of the tractor is well detailed with the finer elements of the suspension and transmission modelled, with some parts silvered.  A spare wheel is attached.  The wheels have very nice hubs with intricate details, and the tyres are matching in quality with good tread patterns on the front and rear axles.

The cab also shows some special attention with excellent grab rails all around, and the badges at the front including number plates and signs enhance the look.  All the expected details of mirrors, wipers and beacon lights are present. T he interior details are very good with an instrument cluster and controls.

Behind the cab the air intakes and exhaust pipe are modelled well, and there is a pair of batteries which look authentic.  Four coiled air lines are provided, and the fifth wheel and chassis structure have a greater level of detail than usual.  At the back the light clusters have lenses, and the mud flaps have the 'Floor' emblem.


The steering of the front axle has a better range of movement that most previous WSI models and this is a worthwhile improvement which improves the ability to pose the model in an interesting way.

The cab tilts forward by about 45 and can stay in a tilted position.  A detailed engine is presented under the cab.


This is a very good quality model and WSI have provided added detailing by the careful use of plastic.  The paint and graphics enhance the look of the truck.


The model is a good value for the overall quality offered.


Mammoet have produced a high quality model in conjunction with WSI, and it is a fitting representation of a classic FTF tractor.  Collectors of heavy haulage equipment will find a place for this model in their displays.  It is highly recommended.


The model first appeared in the Mammoet Store in April 2010, and was produced in a run of 500 models.

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Inside the box.
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Very nice detailing underneath.
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Tilting cab.
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Excellent grab rails all around.