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Scania R Topline + Nooteboom Telestep and Blade - Thurhagen Akeri

Maker:  WSI
Model No:  9867
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  January 2013

WSI Index
Special Transport Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)28
Features   (max 20)16
Quality   (max 25)20
Price   (max 15)12
Overall   (max 100)84%


Scania R Topline + Nooteboom Telestep and Blade - Thurhagen Akeri video.
The very long Nooteboom box.
Stunning decoration.
Excellent decoration behind the cab too.
Very good detail underneath.
Excellent details.
Landing legs lowered.
Slight lean on the headboard on the review model.
Detailed trailer.
Big blade with a realistic sag.
Strapped onto the crates.
Comment on this model.

The tractor is an 8x4 Scania R Series and the trailer is the Nooteboom 4-axle OVB-65-04 V(ZT) which is extendible to 48m and is commonly used for wind turbine work.  The kingpin load is either 18 or more commonly 25 tonnes, and the axle load is 10 tonnes at 80 km/h.

The model is in the colours of Thurhagen Akeri AB which is a small Swedish haulage company.


The model comes in a very long Nooteboom branded box which is of presentation quality.  Inside, the model is contained within foam rubber.  There were no missing parts on the review model but the headboard on the trailer was leaning slightly and there was a slight kink in one edge of the deck.

There is no information about the real vehicle or model.  Adding the separate pieces is easy and the only thing missing is how the blade should be correctly loaded. 


The tractor is a Scania R 620 8x4 chassis and it is very detailed with transmission and suspension elements modelled, and a realistic looking exhaust.  The tyres are different on steered and driven axles, and they are mounted on attractive wheels.

The decoration of the tractor is stunning with excellent paint and graphics.  The detailing is very good too with nice lights, a number plate, and a beacon light bar and horns on the roof.  Under the cab is a detailed engine with some coloured parts.

Behind the cab the plastic equipment tower is highly finished so it looks great and there is a light bar on the top.  The anti slip floor leading to the fifth wheel is finely painted with only the ridges being silver.  Bolt heads are also highlighted between the metal wheel arches.  At the rear the lights have plastic lenses and the graphics are excellent.

The trailer sets a high standard.  The real deck is made up of hardwood timbers within omega profile beams and the model replicates this really well on the top surface with the timbers also including screw positions.  Turn the model over and the underside of the deck copies the omega profile perfectly which is an excellent detail.  Staying underneath, the structure is modelled very well, with the support for equipment boxes and spare wheel storage made of plastic.  The axles are very detailed, including the suspension, and there is hosing running to each wheel and the telescopic main member.  The first axle also has the lift cylinder to make it a lift axle, although it is non-functioning on the model.

At the front there is a couple of landing legs, a blue tipped winding handle, and a control box with cables coming out.  The headboard is a metal casting and includes a connection box for lines from the tractor.  At the rear there are wheel chocks stowed under the trailer, and there are good quality lights.

The telescopic main member is metal, but not diecast as this material cannot achieve realistic thin sections.  To achieve the thinness on the model the beams are made of aluminium.  The resulting beam sections are both strong and realistic, and they replicate the structure of the real beam with the vertical sides stepped in from the top and bottom flanges.

A separate pack of metal deck posts are provided and these plug into holes in the deck edge.

The windmill blade is a model of a 45m Vestas blade and is a large single piece in resin, and it is the modelling decision to authentically reproduce a blade without a joint which leads to the model box having to be so large.  The blade is surprisingly heavy too.  It has a textured end to represent a temporary covering prior to being erected.  To transport the real blade wooden pallets are used, and very good plastic versions are included with the model.  These are made up of separate interlocking layers so they can be used for other loads too.  Also included are some foam pads to model protection between the blade and pallets.  Elastic straps are used to secure the load, and these work fine.


The front axle steers but the range of movement is very limited, and also self centering on the review model which reduces the posing possibilities. 

The cab tilts to reveal the engine and it cab stay tilted. 

The trailer functionality is excellent.  The telescopic beam extends really smoothly, and the overall length of the tractor and trailer reaches over 90cm (3ft).  It also includes a moving transverse beam on the front section of the telescope.

The four axles have working suspension and they are all connected together and steer proportionally to achieve a good angle. 

Underneath the trailer, the landing legs can be screwed down to provide support when the trailer is disconnected from the tractor.

Other configuration options are provided by fitting or omitting the deck posts. 


This is a very high quality model which has high detail and excellent engineering of the trailer.

The castings on the tractor are very good too, and any plastic used is high quality and does not lessen the look of the model.  The paintwork and graphics are first class.


This model is good value.


The Telestep trailer remains one of the best WSI trailers because of its high quality engineering and details and the Scania looks exceptional in the Thurhagen livery.  It is an outstanding model.


The model first appeared in October 2012.

High quality packaging.
A massively long truck and load.
The Scania is a real 'looker'.
Very detailed graphics.
Tilting cab and engine.
Proportional steering.
Trailer can be used for other loads.
Deck posts fitted.
Deck finish is as good as it gets.
Definitely an impressive model.
Special crates are used at the front.