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MB Titan and Nooteboom Boom Transporter

Maker:  WSI
Model No:  9919
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  May 2010

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Special Transport Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)25
Features   (max 20)15
Quality   (max 25)21
Price   (max 15)11
Overall   (max 100)79%


MB Titan and Nooteboom Boom Transporter Video. 
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The box.
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The impressive Mercedes Benz Titan.
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The fifth wheel is adjustable longitudinally.
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Detail behind the cab.
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Rear towing hitch.
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Very good details underneath, and the steering of the axles is nicely proportional.
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Crisp details at the back.
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An impressive looking vehicle and load.
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A definition of heavy haulage.
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It makes a great combination display when paired with the crane.
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Plenty of clearance to get the trailer out.
The Liebherr LTM11200-9.1 Mobile Crane is rated at a maximum 1200t capacity and at the time of the review is the largest mobile crane manufactured.  Because of its size, the boom cannot be transported on the carrier with the rest of the crane so separate transport is needed.  It can be carried on standard heavy haulage transport, but Nooteboom developed this special trailer which was derived from the NLD-70 self-tracking dollies used for windmill transport.

This version of the model is in Liebherr yellow to match the factory coloured version of the crane model produced by NZG.  To read the review of the crane model click here.


The model comes in a typical WSI Collectibles branded box which has a window allowing the model to be seen.  There were no defects or missing parts on the review model.

There is no information on the real machine included, and no instructions for the model.  Various pins are supplied to secure the boom to the trailer and the tractor, and there are also parts to fit on the front and rear towing hitches of the tractor.  Fitting the boom to the model is best done with the boom upside down as it makes it easier to fit the pinned connections.  Fitting the pins is tough, and it is necessary to ease the parts carefully to make the connections properly.  NZG and WSI obviously co-operated during the production of their respective models and it is good to see the model fit together, even if it is not easy and smooth.


The tractor is a Mercedes Benz Titan 8x4 and it looks like a heavy piece of kit, even as a scale model.  The cab has the unique Nooteboom reference number for this model which is T-008.  The chassis detail is typically high for WSI with the suspension and transmission realistically modelled with perhaps a bit more metal than usual.  The wheel hubs are excellent and detailed with the tyres having realistic treads.

At the front, the cab details are rendered strongly with a nice chevron-marked bumper and tow hitch, and a number plate.  A separate protector can be fixed to the towing hitch with a pin.  The lights, mirrors and wipers are fine and there are air horns and very good beacon lights on the roof.  Behind the cab, various ancillaries are mounted, and although these are plastic, they look very good.  Between the rear axles is high quality diamond plated walkway and plastic wheel arches.  At the rear the lights have plastic lenses and the towing hitch has a guide chute which can be pinned to the hitch.

The trailer is based on a Mega Windmill Transporter dolly as used on earlier WSI models.  The detailing of the axles is very good with the suspension and steering elements finely made and small rubber tyres are mounted on detailed hubs with plastic mudguards covering each wheel.  The structure of the trailer is cast well and some of the detailing on it is first class with air tanks and lines running through its length.  There are excellent tiny graphics along the trailer edges including the unique reference number for the trailer which is OPL-006.

The trailer has a cradle which carries the boom and this has a hydraulic steering mechanism.  The adaptor on the tractor's fifth wheel has an air tank and equipment box.  The tow bar is fixed to the rear of the trailer and is not designed to be removed.  In fact it can be gently prised from its fitting but it is plastic so there is a risk of breakage and it is therefore to the collector's risk if removal is attempted.  The tow bar does not fit the towing hitch on the tractor and there is no connection for it on the trailer, however the model can be posed in a way to give the appearance that the tow bar is connected.


The steering of the two linked front axles wheels on the tractor works, but as usual for WSI models they have a very limited range of movement.

The cab tilts forward by about 45 to provide access to the engine. 

The trailer has spring loaded suspension on the axles, and the front and rear groups of three axles have linked steering.  These have a good range of movement, and are proportional in nature.

Although the model is not designed to be shown in a configuration using the tow bar it can be imitated if a collector wants to take the risk removing the tow bar from the trailer.  In reality the tow bar is used for low speed shunting of the trailer under or out from the jacked up boom, rather than for road transport.


The model is of typically high quality just like other WSI truck models, and plastic is carefully used to enhance detail.  The paintwork and graphics are very good quality.


The model is a little expensive but it is high quality and therefore reasonable value.


This is a model is to WSI's usual high standards of detail and it is a great match for the NZG crane model, even if it is a little unusual to see a truck in Liebherr colours.  It is highly recommended to owners of the crane model.


The model was first shown in Liebherr yellow at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in February 2010, and appeared for sale in April 2010.  A version was also produced in Mammoet colours with a MAN TGX Tractor.

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The parts out of the box.
It is posed in a low speed towing formation although read the review regarding the tow bar.
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Smooth body lines.
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Tilting cab.
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Underside view shows great detail.
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The trailer.  The tow bar is fixed on top at the back.
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The linked steering mechanism is visible.
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The trailer loaded with the LTM11200-9.1 boom.
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The size of the boom on the transporter is dramatic.
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Crane and transporter posed ready to roll.
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At the job site, the boom lifts itself off the transporter.
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With the tow bar connected the tractor pulls the trailer away.