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XCMG EBZ200 Roadheader

Maker:  Yagao Gift
Model No:  EBZ200
Scale:  1:35
Review Date:  January 2021

Yagao Index
Mining Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 7
Detail   (max 30) 24
Features   (max 20) 16
Quality   (max 25) 19
Price   (max 15) 12
Overall   (max 100) 78%


XCMG EBZ200 Roadheader Video.  [Youku Video]
XCMG branded box.
Gripper feet lowered.
Boom rotated.
Detailed metal tracks.
Very detailed signs.
Operator's area.
Cutter head.
Inside the conveyor.
A heavy load.

The XCMG EBZ200 is a mining roadheader used for underground excavations in rock.


The model comes in an XCMG branded box.  Inside, the model is contained within a pair of expanded polystyrene trays. 

The review model had no missing parts or defects.

The text on the box is in Chinese and the scale is not mentioned but is believed to be 1:35.


This is a relatively heavy model.

Underneath, there is simple detailing with some plastic base plates which are slightly off-colour. Hydraulic hoses run to the gripper feet at the rear.

The track frames have lifting eyes.   The tracks are metal with an interesting construction.

At the front the loader plate is metal with spinning plastic loader arms. 

On one side of the body is the operator's area with a seat and joystick controls.  A high point of the detailing are the many signs with tiny legible text. Other details include panel handles and textured walking surfaces on top.

At the back hydraulic hoses run to the plastic conveyor motors.  The chain conveyor is nicely detailed with real chains.  The large gripper feet underneath are impressive

The cutter head boom has a rubber run-off sheet.  The cutter head is plastic with highlighted picks.


The tracks are tensioned by spring-loaded idlers.  They turn easily enough by hand.

The loading plate can be raised and lowered.  The spinners can be rotated.

The boom can be rotated from side to side and raised and lowered.  

The gripper feet at the rear have very good movement and can effectively lock the machine in position.


This model is robust and well made with a high metal content and plastic used appropriately.

The paintwork and graphics are very good.


It is reasonably priced for a large model.


This is model is unusual in that roadheader mining models are rarely modelled.  It is an impressive larger scale model.


Loading plate lowered.
Profile view.
A large machine.
Spinners and chain belt.
Conveyor motor at the rear.
Nice hydraulics.
On a 1:32 scale truck.